Educational Advancement Program

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 04/05/17
Guideline/Procedure: 4.0502.04.1

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) recognizes that personal and professional growth and educational advancement increases employee morale, enhances employee contributions to the College, encourages excellence in the College and supports the College’s primary mission of education.

Administrative Rule

The College will make available to employees an Educational Advancement Program to assist employees in attaining their educational goals, ensure access to an ACC associate degree program and support their education endeavors at other accredited institutions.

The College will exempt eligible employees from paying ACC tuition and fees when they enroll in authorized courses and successfully complete the course.

The College will provide a Tuition Reimbursement program in accordance with the Guidelines and Procedures.


  1. The Office of Human Resources manages the Educational Advancement Program which includes the Tuition Vouchers and Tuition Reimbursement Programs.
  2. The College will establish an Educational Advancement Committee, with representatives of the ACC employee associations, to oversee and make recommendations to the Chancellor. The Committee shall review the program each year and provide a report to the Chancellor.
  3. The Office of Human Resources will facilitate the work of the committee (i.e., coordinate meetings, maintain budget, coordinate employee/committee communications, develop reports, etc.).

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