Digital Navigators

Digital Navigators

Are you interested in becoming a Digital Navigator? Want to know more about what a Digital Navigator does? You’ve come to the right place!

Digital Navigators are a vital component of our program

While our microcredentials are online, students are not alone as they move through the learning material on their own time, at their own pace. The Digital Navigators are right there with the students – acting as a facilitator, checking in with them, grading assignments, and tracking progress. Key traits of great Digital Navigators are compassion, commitment, and attention to detail.

Digital Navigator Recruitment is On-going

Meet with us to learn how you can become a Digital Navigator

The Role of the Digital Navigator

Support Students

The most important job of a Digital Navigator is to provide dedicated support to help students stay on track.

Grade Assignments

While the quizzes are autograded, Digital Navigators use rubrics to grade the hands-on projects and provide feedback.

Track Student Progress

Assess student engagement, analyze progress, and intervene when necessary to support student completion.

Testimonials from our digital navigators

Benefits of being a Digital Navigator

Make a difference

Know that you are helping students learn digital skills that will benefit them in their academic and career endeavors, fostering equitable access and outcomes.

Support Innovation

Microcredentials in a college environment are a new way to deliver current, in-demand content. Digital Navigators are critical to the success of this new model.

Earn some money

Pick up a few hours in your schedule, earning some extra money while helping students learn digital skills that they can use in school and in their workplace.

How to become a Digital Navigator

Meet with Us

The first step in becoming a Digital Navigator is to meet with us where you'll learn about the role of Digital Navigator, the expectations, and hiring process.

Complete Microcredential

Before applying for a Digital Navigator position, you must complete the microcredential you wish to apply for with a 80% or above.

Express Interest

If you still want to be a Digital Navigator after completing the microcredential, set up a meeting to confirm interest and arrange training.

Complete Training

Complete the required 4 1/2 hours of Digital Navigator training including overview and expectations, navigating the learning management system, and utilizing data.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is really hard to answer. As our microcredentials roll out, the number of sections will be determined by student and professor demand. We cannot guarantee that the demand will be consistent throughout the school year. However, our goal is to maintain a balance between available Digital Navigators for a specific microcredential and student/professor demand.

Digital Navigators must first pass the microcredential they would like to navigate, passing it with a 80% or above, before applying for the position.

5-week opt-in sessions require a commitment for 6 weeks to allow for final grading. The duration for the co-curricular sessions are determined by the professor. Grading tends to be heaviest during the final week of the microcredential. 

You need to have a bachelor’s degree, be full-time or adjunct faculty, and have passed the microcredential(s) you want to navigate with an 80% or higher. 

The pay rate is a fixed amount per session and will be discussed during your first meeting.

You may become qualified and navigate as many microcredentials as you are able. 

Once you have been hired as a Digital Navigator, you will be added to the Digital Navigator pool. As microcredential sections open up, Digital Navigators who are certified for that microcredentialate will be notified of the opening and assigned based on availability.