Austin Community College District's Quality Enhancement Plan

Digital Fluency & Innovation was chosen by an inclusive and multi-staged process as ACC’s Quality Enhancement Plan, a requirement of the accreditation reaffirmation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Because of its important role in the Central Texas community, ACC serves a pivotal responsibility by promoting and developing digital skills and competencies for the workforce of the future.

The Digital Fluency & Innovation QEP core team is supported by the QEP Implementation Committee which is made up of representative members including faculty from both academic transfer and workforce areas, Student Affairs, Institutional Research and Analytics,  Learning Labs, and other key areas of the college. These members assist in the achievement of the project plan, timeline, and budget, advocate for college-wide adoption of the microcredentials, and contribute to data collection and analysis.

Central goal of ACC’s QEP:

Promote equitable academic and career outcomes by providing microcredentials in digital and professional workforce competencies required by the 21st century workplace.

orange ribbon graphic with text that says "QEP 2022-2027, ACC's Quality Enhancement Plan"

QEP Leadership

Linda Smarzik
Dean, Digital Fluency & Innovation [email protected]
Karina Hernandez
Assoc. Dean, Digital Fluency & Innovation [email protected]

QEP Implementation Committee

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QEP Monthly Updates

January 2024 QEP Update

During the month of January, outreach activities were carried out, including hosting a Student Info Session and meeting with stakeholders to discuss microcredentials. Work continued on refining existing microcredentials and

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December 2023 QEP Update

December was a month for collecting data, students survey responses, and refining microcredential content in preparation for Spring sessions. A hybrid model for microcredential delivery was also developed and set

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November 2023 QEP Update

November saw the DFI team focused on continuous improvement and growth. Nine microcredentials have been developed and offered thus far, and two more are in the works. Data collecting has

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October 2023 QEP Update

Throughout October, the team was highly engaged in various collaborations and initiatives. Meetings were held with mulitiple departments and individuals, such as Janie Kang from the Fashion Department to explore

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Sept. 2023 QEP Update

In September, there were significant outreach efforts in the field of digital education, including meetings with various educational institutions and individuals. Notable events included discussions with Janie Kang from the

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August 2023 QEP Update

In the area of outreach in August, activities involved meetings with key stakeholders to foster collaboration and expand educational opportunities. One meeting included Vanessa Errico, Manager of the Military Family

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Detailed Reports

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Cover screenshot of the 5-year QEP Report

5-Year QEP Report

Read about how the QEP was formed and how it will operate, including identifying the topic, developing the framework and implementation plan, organizing the resources and budget, and assessing milestones and deliverables.

Screenshot of QEP Progress report

5-Year Timeline – showing progress

Follow along with the progress of the QEP, step by step, for each year. View the detailed task items checklist from the QEP report in Google Sheets. This checklist will be updated as the QEP progresses through the full implementation.