Microcredentials help students succeed

Do you have students who are struggling and could benefit from one or more digital skills? Recommend that those students take microcredentials to acquire needed digital skills. They can fit microcredentials into their schedule and move as fast as they are able to master the content.

Do you spend valuable class time helping students master a digital skill instead of teaching your content? Add a 4-week microcredential as a prerequisite to your 12-week course and ensure every student is ready to learn on day one.

Would a particular microcredential enhance your existing course? Add a 3-week microcredential as supplemental coursework and give your students the added benefit of an in-demand digital skill that compliments your curriculum.

Microcredentials benefit you as a Professor

Help you help your students

Empower your students to be successful in their academic and career paths by ensuring they have in-demand digital skills

Save time

Prepare your students to be successful in your course and spend less class time teaching fundamental digital skills

Enrich your course material

Enhance your course curriculum with microcredentials in digital skills that add to your student's experience and knowledge

Testimonials from Faculty

Microcredentials are Flexible

Recommend students take a Microcredential

In this student-driven option, the student registers for the microcredential on their own, due to either a professor’s recommendation or by personal choice. Students have up to 5 weeks to complete a microcredential at a time that is convenient for them.

Integrate with a course

There are two professor-driven options for integrating microcredentials into a course.

4 week/12 week – Require students to take a 4-week microcredential prior to your 12-week course to ensure every student has the digital skills they need to be successful before your class starts.

Co-curricular – Add a 3-week microcredential at any point within your 16-week course schedule as supplemental to your traditional content. This model could be used to enhance your course material.

Illustration for the three options for microcredential delivery

Microcredentials are plug and play

Content is developed

  • Competency-based
  • Credit for prior learning
  • 20-27 hours of learning
  • 3, 4, or 5-week modalities

Dedicated Digital Navigator

  • Guides and encourages students through content
  • Qualified and trained in the delivery of a specific microcredential
  • Will provide faculty with student outcomes when microcredential integrated with a course


  • Students earn digital badges which they can post on social media and show employers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The following microcredentials are available this Summer:

  • Intro to Computers and Internet Search
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation Software
  • Data Management
  • Web Builder

Microcredentials are offered online and may be offered in a hybrid model in the future.

A microcredential takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete when it is added to a professor’s curriculum, depending on the delivery modality. Opt-in students have up to 5 weeks to complete a microcredential.

The microcredentials are non-credit but students will earn portable digital badge that they can share with employers and post on social media. They may also stack to a microcertificate.

The microcredentials are open to current ACC students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff will be able to earn professional development credit and digital badges.