Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission of Austin Community College, the faculty of the Diagnostic Medical Imaging program are committed to providing quality instruction by preparing the technologist to be employable at an entry level in Cardiovascular-Interventional Radiography and to be successful on the National Credentialing Examination in Cardiovascular-Interventional Radiography. The faculty of the Diagnostic Medical Imaging Cardiovascular-Interventional Radiography program are passionate about the profession, and dedicated to providing students the necessary instruction in technical, academic and clinical skills to become successful CI technologists. We believe all individuals are unique and dynamic individuals with inherent dignity and worth, and therefore deserving of respect. Compassion and professionalism are the hallmarks of excellent caregivers, and we adapt to the ever-changing technology in our profession.

Program Goals

  1. Upon completion of the program, the student will satisfactorily demonstrate the following entry-level skills in Cardiovascular-Interventional Radiography:
    • clinical competency
    • communication skills
    • problem solving and critical thinking skills
    • professional growth and development
  2. At least 90% of program graduates will successfully write the ARRT credentialing examination in CI.
  3. At least 75% of admitted declared students will complete the program.
  4. At least 80% of graduates seeking employment will be employed in CI within six months of program completion.

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Cardiovascular Interventional Technology Updates

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