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The Texas State Board of Pharmacy requires Pharmacy Technician students to register with the Board prior to working or gaining experiential hours in any pharmacy setting. As a part of registration process, Technician Trainees (that’s you!) must pass a criminal background check conducted by the Board of Pharmacy. This is in addition to the background check that you are required to submit for entrance to any ACC Health Science Program.

All Students in the program must register with the State Board and must present a copy of the registration certificate to the department chair, or designated representative, confirming Technician Trainee status with the State Board of Pharmacy. This proof will be verified and become a part of the student’s program records.

Technician trainees must submit an online application to the Board through this linkStudents must be thorough and provide open and completely honest answers to each question. Failure to be as honest as possible may significantly delay your completion of the registration process.

There is a onetime $53.00 fee to register as a Technician Trainee. Upon completion of the trainee application, you will be directed to the process to complete the mandatory fingerprint session. There is a $45.00 fee for fingerprinting.

The registration itself is a two-year non-renewable registration. This means that once you register, you have limited time to complete the experiential requirements of the program.

Again, registration is required, by law, of all Technician Trainees in the State of Texas. If a student is denied registration by the State Board of Pharmacy, they may go through a declaratory process. This process can be lengthy and time consuming. You may wish to seek legal representation as a part of the declaratory process .As a service to our prospective students, the guidelines used by the Board for the granting of registration are posted here. Please, read them carefully. If, after reviewing these guidelines, you have questions concerning your criminal background and eligibility, please contact the State Board of Pharmacy directly. The Texas State Board of Pharmacy’s website is located at; their phone number is (512) 305-8000.

ACC Faculty and Staff are neither qualified nor able to answer questions concerning eligibility for
Technician Trainee registration.

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