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Radiology Application Process – Transfer Students

Before you proceed with the application process, we encourage you to read the Radiology FAQ. If you need additional help, please contact us.

  • Applicants must be enrolled in Austin Community College. Click here for more information. Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to a Health Sciences program.
  • The Diagnostic Medical Imaging – Radiology program is open to all students. A Health Sciences background is not required to apply.
  • Applicants must meet the Technical Standards required by the program.

New students are accepted into the Radiology program in the Fall.

All applications are accepted year round but must be physically received by the close of business on February 1. If February 1 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be extended to the next regular business day.

  • To view the Radiology Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree plan, click here.
  • To view the Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist (LMRT) Level 2 Certificate plan, click here.

25% of degree plan hours must be completed at ACC.

  1. Activate your ACC email account. All correspondence regarding your application will be sent to your ACC email address. For information on how to set up your ACC email account, please see this page.
  2. Contact the program administrator stating your interest to transfer course credits.
  3. If transferring Radiology courses contained in the Texas Workforce Education Manual (WECM):
    • Submit an official transcript from the transferring college/program with a request for a transcript evaluation to the Admissions Office.
    • Submit a copy of the transcript to the Radiology Program.
    • Submit a letter from the previous program coordinator/director stating the student was in
      good academic standing at the time of withdrawal. Good academic standing indicates that
      the student has an average of at least 75 or above in Radiology courses.
  4. If transferring Radiology courses not contained in the Texas Workforce Education manual (WECM) (out of state schools):
    • Submit an official transcript from the transferring college with a request for transcript evaluation to the Admissions office.
    • Submit an unofficial copy of the transcript from the transferring college to the Radiology Program.
    • Submit copies of course descriptions, objectives, and documentation of number of class and clinical contact hours to the Radiology Program for evaluation.
    • Submit a letter from the previous program coordinator/director stating the student was in good academic standing at the time of withdrawal. Good academic standing indicates that the student has an average of at least 75 or above in Radiology courses.
    • Your transcripts will be reviewed by the college and the department for transferrable credits.
  5. Applicants must gain admission to ACC and satisfy all General Admission requirements.
  6. Complete a lab skills test to evaluate your knowledge if required by the Program Director.
  7. Review the Radiology Student Handbook.
  8. Complete the Radiology Information Session and print out the post-test verification email.
  9. Go to the CastleBranch website and click the link “Place Order.”
  10. Enter UL64im in the “Package Code” field. After entering your personal information, the system will prompt you to upload your 1-page immunization form for each of the four required immunizations. The cost to set up the account is $47.
  11. Next input code UL82im in the “Package Code” field. The system will prompt you to upload the signed Information Session confirmation email.
  1. Submit a Radiology Program Application, and provide the following supporting documents with your application:
    • Copies of clinical competencies
    • Copy of dosimetry record
    • Any previously taken RADR courses are evaluated by the radiology department to determine appropriateness of course content. There is no advanced placement for Radiology courses. Transfer students to the Radiology program are required to submit a letter of positive recommendation from their previous program director.
  2. Applications are not accepted in person. Follow the instructions on this page to submit your application remotely.
  3. Check the Application Status page often for updates regarding current and future Radiology applicants.

Clinical requirements will be received following admission approval to the Radiology Program.

  • Selection for enrollment to the Diagnostic Medical Imaging – Radiology program is based on a competitive ranking process using two criteria:
    1. GPA in courses that apply to the program = 60% of your ranking score
    2. TEAS exam score = 40% of your ranking score
  • You are encouraged to obtain the highest grades for the prerequisite courses as this is crucial in the ranking process. Your GPA in prerequisite courses (and co-requisite courses, if applicable) is 60% or your ranking score.
  • A sample admission ranking formula can be found here.
  • Final ranking scores are arranged from the highest score to the lowest score and the top 50 applicants are offered a position in the program. Click here to see competitive admission data.
  • In the event someone declines a position or does not respond by the stated deadline, the program will offer the position to the applicant next in line in the ranking.
  • Offers of admission are emailed to the applicant’s ACC email account in February.

Provisional Admission Information

Admission to the Radiology program is provisional until the following clinical requirements are met. Please arrange to be available during the approximate time periods. Specific dates are normally made available in February or early March. Do not take action on these items until instructed by the department:

If you have concerns about events in your background, you may contact the Health Sciences Compliance Coordinator Lisa Enloe at (512) 223-5867 or [email protected].

Deferral Policy

  • Students may defer their admission to the next admission cycle with a limit of 1 deferral.
  • All admission criteria must be met for the semester the student enters the program.
  • Clinical requirements are required to be completed each year. This includes the clinical observation orientation and 4-hour observation unless a waiver is authorized by the program director. Contact the Radiology program office for more information and for the waiver form.
  • Once the 1-deferral limit is reached, the student must re-apply with a new application, meet all current admission criteria, and be ranked with all other applicants for admission consideration.
  • You are encouraged to view the Radiology FAQ for more information about the program.
  • Students wanting to transfer from another Radiology program in the State of Texas, please read the department’s Statement on the Transfer of Radiology Course credits.
  • Students interested in the Radiology program are advised to be diligent and proactive in routinely reviewing this website for updates to the application process and/or the degree plan and for department announcements.

Taking required prerequisite or co-requisite courses over for a higher grade:

Understanding that students need an opportunity to improve what may have been a “false start” in college, repeated course grades will be considered. If a course is repeated, the higher of the first two qualifying grades (A, B, or C) will be considered in the admission ranking formula. Only courses completed by the application deadline will be considered.

Exception: Applicants submitting a reapplication can have courses in progress in the Fall semester since the reapplication deadline is October 1 – December 1. The department will look up grades once they are posted.

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