LMRT Certificate Program

LMRT Certificate Program

The Limited Licensed Medical Radiologic Technologist (LMRT) Certificate program at Austin Community College provides students with the education and skills they need to complete the Licensing Examination for the Limited Licensed Radiographer through the State of Texas. Limited Licensed Medical Radiologic Technologists perform Radiographic examinations and patient care in the Healthcare setting and are typically employed in Urgent care facilities or outpatient imaging centers. Knowledge of patient care, anatomy of the human body, radiation physics and radiation protection is required. After certification, an LMRT may pursue an Associate’s Degree in Radiologic Technology. Here are some helpful links where you can learn more about the LMRT profession and licensing examination:

Application Process Overview

The application for the LMRT Certificate program is the same application used for the Associate’s Degree Program. Students who are interested in applying to either program will complete the same steps and requirements (see the Application Process page). Applicants must select which programs they would like to apply for on the application.

  • Students who wish to apply only for the LMRT Certificate program should select only LMRT Certificate on the application.
  • Students who wish to apply only to the AAS Degree program and will not accept an alternate position in the LMRT Certificate program should select only Radiology AAS on the application.
  • Students who would like to apply to the AAS Degree program but would accept a position in the LMRT Certificate program should select both Radiology AAS and LMRT Certificate on the application.

Please note that only students who have selected the LMRT Certificate option on the application will be considered for that program.

Bridge to the Associate’s Degree Program

Students in the LMRT Certificate program may apply to transfer into the degree program if they choose. Although the application process occurs during the program in the Spring semester, the transfer occurs in the subsequent Fall semester. In the Spring semester, students will submit a Letter of Intent to transfer and a letter of recommendation to the Department Chair.  Students who have submitted the required documents will be ranked according to their program GPA. Positions in the degree program will be offered according to the ranked order and the number of clinical spaces available. If selected, students will continue into the second year after completion of the certificate program. If not selected, students will be placed on a waiting list for the following year. The program guarantees admission to the degree program but cannot guarantee immediate placement.

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Radiology Updates

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