Lab Volunteer Sessions

Sonography Lab Volunteer Sessions

The Sonography Department at Austin Community College accepts volunteers in our scan labs at the Round Rock and Eastview Campuses. Students practice various sonographic protocols on “patients” in a mock clinical setting.

Who Can Volunteer

Anyone who is willing to assist sonography students with their education and training. This includes ACC students, faculty, staff and members of the community. You are the “patient” for the session.

What to Expect

Volunteer sessions are 60-90 minutes in length. All volunteers are scanned by students who are in various stages of sonography education as well as experienced, credentialed faculty members. The schedule at each campus is dependent on the assigned lab days for each program. Scheduling information is listed below.

Types of scans performed in the Sonography labs:

  • Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (DCS) | Round Rock Campus only
    • adult heart / echocardiogram
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) | Eastview Campus Only
    • Abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys)
    • Female pelvis (uterus, ovaries, and pregnancy)
      • We accept obstetric patients at the Eastview Campus. Special requirements apply. Please contact our EVC Clinical Coordinator for more information.
  • Vascular Technology (VT) | Eastview & Round Rock Campuses
    • Arteries and veins throughout the body (carotid, intracranial, upper and lower extremity, ankle-brachial index (ABI), abdominal)

Waiver Information

This is a non-diagnostic scan for student education only; no diagnostic information will be provided to volunteers. The scans are not interpreted by a physician. Studies and images will remain on campus only. Please consult your physician for undiagnosed medical complaints or current health problems.

Should a student or faculty member notice anything out of normal limits, a lab worksheet will be provided to the volunteer with instructions to discuss with their care provider.

Volunteers must be 15 years of age or older. Volunteers between 15-17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

When you arrive for the volunteer session, you will complete a Sonography Lab Volunteer Waiver Form and receive information about your scan session from the lab personnel. At the end of the session, you will receive a copy of the waiver form.

Please review the program’s Use of Human Subjects for Educational Purposes Policy prior to your first volunteer appointment. 

Students and Program Applicants: Retain copies of all Waiver Forms. If you plan to apply to the program, you will receive a tracking sheet for your volunteer session(s) that you will submit with your application documents. You must bring your Tracking Sheet to each and every appointment to receive volunteer session credit.

Additional Information

You may be asked to role-play as a “patient” with health problems or complaints so that our students can develop patient communication skills. Please follow the instructions of the faculty in the lab for your role as a “patient.”

You may be asked to change out of your clothing and put on a patient gown for many types of scans. Various parts of your body will be uncovered as needed for each specific scan type. The student(s) and faculty will ensure your modesty and privacy throughout the scan session. Please inform the Clinical Coordinator if you require accommodations.

Sonography Program Applicants: Applicants must complete at least one volunteer session in each of our three specialty areas; cardiac, medical, and vascular. Applicants may complete up to four sessions in each of our three specialty areas. Each volunteer session equals one point toward the program application.

Please plan ahead for your volunteer sessions. The program may not be able to accommodate last-minute appointment requests, which could jeopardize your application status. The schedule fills up quickly around the application deadline, and we do not offer volunteer appointments during intersessions. Exceptions are not made for this portion of the application process, including out-of-state applicants.

Volunteers are crucial for the students to learn and practice their skills in the on-campus clinical sessions. While we understand rescheduling may be necessary at times, any volunteer who does not keep their appointment or call ahead of the appointment date & time to reschedule is considered a no call, no show. No call, no show volunteers will not be rescheduled. This will result in a loss of points for applicants on the Applicant Ranking Worksheet.

Self-screening is required; do not come to an ACC campus for your volunteer session if you are ill. See the ACC Coronavirus Webpage for more information on college procedures.

Sonography Lab Locations and Contact Information

Be sure to leave a message if you reach our voicemail.

Round Rock Campus

  • Building 3000, Room 3228, second floor
  • Contact the DCS Clinical Coordinator at (512) 223-0294 to schedule an appointment for cardiac or vascular lab session(s) at RRC.

Eastview Campus

  • Building 9000, Room 9203 (second floor):
  • Contact the DMVS Clinical Coordinator at (512) 223-5945 to schedule an appointment for medical or vascular lab session(s) at EVC.

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