Faculty & Staff

Vocational Nursing Faculty & Staff

For general questions about the Vocational Nursing program, please contact us. For admission questions, call (512) 223-5700.

Department Chair

Sandra McCrary-Marshall, RN, MSN

Office: EVC Bldg 8000, Rm 8227.3
Phone: (512) 223-5768
Email: [email protected]

Assistant Department Chair

Yolanda Hall, Professor, PhD, RN

Office: EVC Campus, Rm 9217
Phone: (512) 223-5744 (Eastview)
Email: [email protected]

Administration Office

Hailey Fattig

Assistant, Health Sciences (Vocational Nursing)
Office: EVC Bldg 8000, Rm 8227
Phone: (512) 223-5746
Email: [email protected]

Full-Time Faculty

Name Campus/Room Phone Email
Jennifer Brimberry, RN, MSN, CNE EVC 8265 (512) 223-5749 [email protected]
Melissa De Los Santos, DNP, RN EVC 8261 (512) 223-5776 [email protected]
Sherrie Edwards, RN, MSN EVC 8279 (512) 223-5763 [email protected]
Mary Figueredo, RN, MSN, CNE EVC 8253 (512) 223-5728 [email protected]
Stacy Fountain, RN, MSN EVC 8255 (512) 223-5858 [email protected]
Robert (Bobby) Harris, RN, MSN EVC 8267 (512) 223-5755 [email protected]
Jennifer Hauger, DNP, RN EVC 8259 (512) 223-5751 [email protected]
Vanessa Nichols, PhD, RN, CNE EVC 8263 (512) 223-5788 [email protected]
Takeitha Tucker, DNP, RN, CNE EVC 9325 (512) 223-5762 [email protected]
Anne (Shellie) Withrow, RN, MSN, CNE EVC 8257 (512) 223-5773 [email protected]

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Vocational Nursing Updates

  • ACEN Accreditation Public Meeting

    The Nursing Programs (Professional Nursing and Vocational Nursing) at Austin Community College will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, October 9th, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Eastview Campus in Room 8500 as part of our ACEN continuing accreditation process.

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  • UPDATE: Central Health MAP Basic Insurance

    Central Health - Medical Access Program (MAP) Basic coverage is no longer accepted at clinical sites effective Fall 2024. Only MAP (non basic) will be accepted.

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  • Castlebranch new account creation process

    There is a new process to create a Castlebranch account. Preview the new process and other videos to help you create your Castlebranch account.

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