English 2307 Beginning Creative Writing Poetry Schedule

Week 1:          Topic: Orientation

Discussion Board 1: Introductions

Poems and comments by Liliana Valenzuela

Poems and comments by Christopher Jon Heuer

Week 2:           Topic: Landscape Poem

Mini-Lecture: In the Beginning Is the Image

Mini-Lecture: Poems Should Be Seen and Heard

Poems and comments by Michael McGriff

Poems and comments by Larry Thomas

Poetry Gym: Imagery and Figures of Speech

Discussion Board 2

Workbook Exercises

Due:   I am/List Poem


Week 3:           Topic: Family Poem

Mini-Lecture: Word Values

Mini-Lecture: Diction

Poems and comments by Natalie Diaz

Poems and comments by Chase Twitchell

Poetry Gym: Literal and Figurative Language

Discussion Board 3

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem One: Landscape Poem

One-On-One Meetings On-Line


Week 4:           Topic: Letter Poem

Mini-Lecture: Who’s Speaking to Whom?

Poems and comments by Bill Berkson

Poems and comments by Natalie Diaz

Poetry Gym: Point of View

Discussion Board 4

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem Two: Family Poem


Week 5:           Topic: Revision 1

Mini-Lecture: Metaphorical Thought 1

Mini-Lecture: Metaphorical Thought 2

Mini-Lecture: Figurative Language: Tropes

Poems and comments by Brian Turner

Poetry Gym: Language You Use, Language You Choose

Discussion Board 5

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem Three: Letter Poem


Week 6:           Topic: Ekphrastic Poem

Mini-Lecture: Enjambment 1

Mini-Lecture: Enjambment 2

Mini-Lecture: Meter, Line, and Feet

Poems and comments by Larry Thomas

Poetry Gym: Line and Enjambment

Discussion Board 6

Workbook Exercises

Due: Revision of a Poem: 1-3.


Week 7:           Topic: Myth Poem

Mini-Lecture: Rhymes and Rhythms

Poems and comments by Mark Jarman

Poems and comments by Alurista

Poetry Gym: Rhythm I

Discussion Board 7

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem Four: Ekphrastic Poem


Week 8:           Topic: History Poem

Mini-Lecture: You and the House of Poetry

Poetry Mind Map

Poems and comments by Dave Parsons

Poems and comments by Raul Salinas

Poetry Gym: Rhythm II

Discussion Board 8

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem Five: Myth Poem


Week 9:           Topic: Revision 2

Mini-Lecture: Tension Points for Poets

Poems and comments by Camile Dungy

Poetry Gym: Poetry Out Loud

Discussion Board 9

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem Six: History Poem


Week 10:         Topic: Poems in Form: Ghazel

Mini-Lecture: Ted Hughes, Alliteration, and Old English

Poems and comments by Jessica Piazza

Poetry Gym: Poetry Gym: Assonance, Consonance, Alliteration

Discussion Board 10

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem in Performance

Due: Revision of a Poem: 4-6


Week 11:         Topic: Poems in Form: Sonnets

Mini-Lecture: Rhyme

Mini-Lecure:  Following the Rules

Poems and comments by Jessica Piazza

Poetry Gym: Rhyme I

Discussion Board 11

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem Seven: Ghazel


Week 12:         Topic: Open Choice

Mini-Lecture: Rhyme, Quaint and Contemporary

Poems and comments by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Poetry Gym: Rhyme II

Discussion Board 12

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem Eight Sonnet


Week 13:         Topic: Mentor Poet

Mini-Lecture: The Poet’s Bookcase

Workbook Exercises

Discussion Board 13

Due: Mentor Poet Presentation

Due: Poem Nine: Open Choice


Week 14:         Topic: Revision 3

Discussion Board 14

Workbook Exercises

Due: Poem Ten: Poem to Mentor Poet


Week 15:         Topic: Submitting Poems

Discussion Board 15

Workbook Exercises

Due: Revision of a Poem: 7-10


Week 16:         Topic: Wrap Up

Due:  Porfolio

Submission to Rio Review





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