HUMA 1302 Schedule

Week 1 


Getting Organized

Week 2

Chapter 19: Protest and Reform:  The Waning of the Old Older

Chapter 20:  The Catholic Reformation and the Baroque Style

Week 3

Chapter 21:  Absolute Power and Aristocratic Style

Chapter 22:  The Baroque in the Protestant North

Week 4

Chapter 23:  The Scientific Revolution and the New Learning

Chapter 24:  The Enlightenment:  The Promise of Reason

Week 5

Chapter 25:  The Limits of Reason

Chapter 26:  Eighteenth Century Art Music and Society

Week 6

Essay 1 and Test 1

Week 7

Chapter 27:  The Romantic View of Nature

Chapter 28:  The Romantic Hero

Week 8

Chapter 29:  The Romantic Style in Art and Music

Chapter 30: Industry, Empire, and the Realist Style

Week 9

Chapter 31:  The Move Toward Modernism

Week 10

Essay 2 and Text 2

Week 11

Chapter 32:  The Modernist Assault

Chapter 33: The Freudian Revolution

Week 12

Chapter 34:  Total War, Totalitarianism, and the Arts

Chapter 35:  The Quest for Meaning

Week 13

Chapter 36:  Liberation and Equality

Chapter 37:  The Information Age

Week 14

Chapter 38:  Globalization

Week 15

Essay 3 and Test 3

Week 16 

Final Project


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