Disney Paid Internships!

Disney College Program


Disney Paid Internships!


Disney, Inc offers two great programs for ACC students.

To earn ACC Marketing Internship credit, you are required to:

  • Take one Disney Education Course
  • Complete the work experience
  • Turn in a written assignment (5-10 pages)
  • Submit an evaluation completed by your Disney College Program Supervisor
  • Register for the Marketing Internship Course
  • Have regular phone/emails contact with the ACC Marketing Internship Instructor

Please contact Ina Midkiff, Department Chair of Marketing at [email protected] or 512.223.2072, for additional information about these Disney programs.


Professional Internships


Below are several key updates and information related to our upcoming recruitment season. I know it’s quite a bit to absorb, so thanks for taking the time to read through it. Feel free to share with your peers on campus.  Away we go…



I hope each of you are having a terrific semester.  If you would, please review the following assortment of updates, which includes an important announcement introducing a new University Relations point of contact for you and the date our application will be closing (this week!)…


Britteny SauterIntroducing Your New Point of Contact, Britteny Sauter – To say it’s been a joy and complete honor being your primary point of contact for over six years would be a major understatement. I genuinely love working with you all.  My team continues to grow and evolve (for all the right reasons!) as my responsibilities broaden. I’d like to formally introduce you to Britteny Sauter ([email protected]), who will be your new primary contact for all things Educator Relations moving forward. Britteny is a Senior Recruiter on my team and there is no doubt in my mind you will adore partnering with her!  Again, Britteny is a direct member of my team, so you’ll definitely still be seeing me around, particularly at our key conferences such as NACE!  But you are welcome to now reach out to Britteny for any general assistance.

    • Note – As you know, Tanya Moreno is also a member of my team and familiar name. Tanya has been a tremendous partner for me over the years, particularly with helping set up logistics for our educator site visits. That support will not change as she’ll partner with Britteny while continuing to report to me.


  • Disney College Program Application Update – Inquiring minds want to know how long the spring Disney College Program application will remain open.  For your awareness, our current application for fall opportunities will close this Friday, May 3rdPlease continue encouraging students interested in the fall program to apply on DisneyPrograms.com through the end of this week. Thank you!


  • Return to Targeted Campuses – I’m thrilled to share we have successfully resumed on-campus recruitment at approximately 70 key/target partner schools this semester. For now, call it a ‘dipping the toe’ back in the water. With over 1,600 colleges and universities represented on our program, our online recruiting strategy will continue to and always be a major part of our recruitment process, giving students from any campus the same opportunity to apply for consideration to the DCP.  Any slight growth in the future will continue to be very targeted and we will keep you along the journey.


  • Reminder on Performance Evaluations – As we inch closer to the end of the spring DCP for thousands of participants, this is just a friendly reminder to let students who require completion of a performance evaluation as part of an internship requirement know one must be requested through a manager at their work location minimally 2-3 weeks prior to their departure date. And as you know, while we are unable to complete school specific documents such as a performance evaluation, our operations leaders will complete and provide one of our approved Disney Programs performance evals. These have been widely accepted by university partners for many years.


  • Upcoming Conference Presence – Attending the NACE Conference in Phoenix? Be sure to keep your eyes out for us! Several members of my team will be at the NACE Conference in early June. We’ll be in Expo Hall every day…See you there!


  • Program Learning Component – Our Program Experience Team continues to offer absolutely incredible learning activities for our participants. Two sharings to highlight some of the awesome events, networking opportunities, and uniquely Disney learnings provided exclusively to them – 1) Attached is a recent monthly learning calendars; 2) Check out the video on a newer networking opportunity we now provide twice per year…the Endless Possibilities Showcase! This event can be compared to the best networking event ever!


  • For Students who have Questions for Us – Please continue to guide your students who might have general questions for us to Support.DisneyPrograms.com.  It’s a great resource for them, featuring articles addressing our most frequently asked questions.  Additionally, they are able to send messages to our support team for assistance.


Thanks to each and every one of you for all your tremendous support and partnerships!  Have a fantastic week!


All the best,

Jeff Hickman

Manager, Disney Programs

The Walt Disney Company

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Please contact the department if you have any questions.

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