Disney Paid Internships!

Disney College Program


Disney Paid Internships!


Disney, Inc offers two great programs for ACC students.

To earn ACC Marketing Internship credit, you are required to:

  • Take one Disney Education Course
  • Complete the work experience
  • Turn in a written assignment (5-10 pages)
  • Submit an evaluation completed by your Disney College Program Supervisor
  • Register for the Marketing Internship Course
  • Have regular phone/emails contact with the ACC Marketing Internship Instructor

Please contact Ina Midkiff, Department Chair of Marketing at [email protected] or 512.223.2072, for additional information about these Disney programs.


Professional Internships



I truly hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer full of family, friends and a little rest & relaxation!

It may be hard to believe, but we are ramping up for the beginning of our recruitment season. I’m anticipating our next Disney College Program application to ‘go live’ the week of August 29th. As a reminder, freshman all the way through recent graduates in any major are eligible to apply for consideration.

Below, you’ll find information I feel is important to you as we inch closer to our recruitment season, including the next round of our popular Get to Know the Disney College Program virtual sessions. These 30-minute webinars are a great opportunity for students and, yes, our amazing university contacts to learn more about the Program experience. We are taking the approach of starting them earlier than in the spring so interested students can gain more insight about the Program prior to the application opening.

Apologies for the length of this message. However, I think you’ll find all of the following information valuable to have at your fingertips…

  • Get to Know the Disney College Program Sessions – Again, we are excited to resume these sessions beginning next week. As you’ll see below, we will host three sessions each week up until September 8th. Thank you in advance for sharing this information with your students!

o Tuesday Sessions – August 2rd through September 6th at 3:00 PM ET

o Wednesday Sessions – August 3rd through September 7th at 12:00 PM ET

o Thursday Sessions – August 4th through September 8th at 3:00 PM ET

  • Disney Culinary Program Recruitment Has Begun – For students studying Culinary Arts, our application for the Disney Culinary Program is now open. To learn more, students can visit DisneyPrograms.com, scroll down the page and click on the Disney Culinary Program tab to learn more about this fantastic program.
  • Disney Professional Internships Update – Most major specific, Professional Internships will be posted on DisneyInterns.com by the end of August/beginning of September. As a general reminder, eligible students must be typically at least at the Junior level with direct experience from within their major. And unlike the College Program application, these experiences normally are posted for a much shorter period of time. Therefore, we recommend students planning to apply for Professional Internships regularly check the site and have their resume ready to apply.
  • Disney Programs Site Visits Have Resumed for University Partners – I’m thrilled to share we have resumed hosting our cherished university contacts for WDW site visits. If you currently have students participating on a Disney Program, I encourage you to consider a future site visit with us, which includes a tour of the new Flamingo Crossings Village housing complex. We do have some updated guidelines and requirements so be sure to click on the “Educators Tab” on DisneyPrograms.com and navigate to Site Visits to learn more!
  • Student Program Related Questions – First, do not ever hesitating reaching out directly to me with any of your questions. I take so much pride in always being available to you. However, we do receive significant daily volume of student inquiries that are managed by our coordinator team through Support.DisneyPrograms.com. If you have a student with questions, please encourage them to visit our support site. We have a multitude of great articles answering many student frequently asked questions. Additionally, they can reach out to our team from the support site with questions not addressed in the articles.
  • University Specific Internships Paperwork – While we are not able to complete school specific internship agreements and paperwork, we do have alternate options that can be provided upon request and are widely accepted by our university partners. In these cases, you can reach out to Tanya Moreno (an amazing member of my team!) through Support.DisneyPrograms.com. Once on the site, simply click ‘Submit a Request’ to send her a message requesting our internship packet.
  • Marketing the Program On Campus – Did you know? We have virtual and printable marketing resources on the “Educators” tab of DisneyPrograms.com. Please feel free take advantage of them as you look to share information about the DCP on your campus.

Thanks so very much for all you do to support students on campus interested in a future Disney Program. Your passion and support is greatly appreciated. Please know just how much our entire team and I value your partnership!


Jeff Hickman
Manager, Disney Programs Recruitment
The Walt Disney Company


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