Disney Paid Internships!

Disney College Program


Disney Paid Internships!


Disney, Inc offers two great programs for ACC students.

To earn ACC Marketing Internship credit, you are required to:

  • Take one Disney Education Course
  • Complete the work experience
  • Turn in a written assignment (5-10 pages)
  • Submit an evaluation completed by your Disney College Program Supervisor
  • Register for the Marketing Internship Course
  • Have regular phone/emails contact with the ACC Marketing Internship Instructor

Please contact Ina Midkiff, Department Chair of Marketing at [email protected] or 512.223.2072, for additional information about these Disney programs.


Professional Internships


Below are several key updates and information related to our upcoming recruitment season. I know it’s quite a bit to absorb, so thanks for taking the time to read through it. Feel free to share with your peers on campus.  Away we go…


Disney College Program Recruitment –

  • Application Open Date – Great news! Our DCP application will open the week of August 28th.  While we have not finalized a closing date at this time, the application will likely remain open through October. I’ll keep you posted. This posting is for spring 2024 opportunities. Most participants will arrive in January/February. However, we do have a small number of arrivals in March and early April (these arrival dates are for programs lasting through early August), which are geared for recent grads or students at quarter schools.
  • Process Information – Students will complete our online application as normal. If they meet our minimum qualifications and are identified as a strong candidate, they will be invited to schedule a 1:1 phone interview with our team. Selections will be based on application and interview results along with overall business need. The DCP is open to all majors and academic levels. Duel enrolled students are not eligible.
  • Role Preferencing – While completing the application process, students will once again have the chance to preference program roles. As normal, they still must be receptive to a few of our core roles including Quick Service F&B. However, they’ll now also be able to preference other DCP roles for which to be considered, which will be discussed at the time of interview.


Get to Know the DCP Info Sessions Are Back –

  • We are excited for the return of our Get to Know the DCP virtual information sessions. They’ll begin on August 15th and run for six weeks (three session offered weekly). Feel free to share with students interested in learning more about the program. We’ll also be promoting them via social media and on Handshake. You too could find value with sitting in on one of them and we would welcome your attendance. The link below provides all our sessions and how to register for one.
  • https://events.zoom.us/ev/AmX4om68FqBVoNHfLyZj7ywdjDk_XDX78plKoHp9AZt5e4TPOsRf~AggLXsr32QYFjq8BlYLZ5I06Dg


Major Specific Internships and Disney Culinary Program –

  • The Disney Culinary Program is actively recruiting right now. Qualified students can visit here to learn more and apply for consideration.
  • Major specific internships for spring 2024 opportunities will also begin to post later this month on DisneyInterns.com. Remember, any/all postings are available until the desired application flow/candidate pool is met. Therefore, students should ensure their resumes are ready as many of these postings could only be available for a week or two. Major specific internships require students to be minimally a Junior with having some experience already in their major.


Leveraging the Educators tab on DisneyPrograms.com –

  • Student Reporting / Ed Connection Changes – The reporting platform formerly known as ‘Education Connection’ has been sunsetted for a number of reasons. Tanya and I are finalizing a solve for this upcoming season. While it will not be ‘self-serve’ in the future, we’ll still be able to provide offered student lists from your school upon request.  
  • Marketing Tools/Resources/FAQs – Great resources abound on this site for you including marketing tools (printable and for social media) and program-related FAQs. Be sure to check them out.
  • Educator Site Visits – Tanya and I have really cherished seeing some of you over this past year visiting us on an educator site visit. If you are interested in visiting us in the future, please click on the “Site Visit” option and thoroughly read the guidelines, timing, block out dates, etc. Note – We likely won’t be accepting site visit requests for 2024 until later in October.


Student Support Site Reminder –

  • While I want to stress you should never hesitate to reach out to me and/or Tanya directly with any questions, we know your students might need to contact us as well. Please encourage your students to visit Support.DisneyPrograms.com for assistance. We have a multitude of articles there addressing the most common frequently asked questions. Additionally, students can reach out directly to our staff through this site with other questions. We have an amazing support team behind Support.DisneyPrograms.com and it’s the best way for students to quickly get responses to their questions.


School Paperwork –

  • Agreement Forms – While we cannot complete school specific documents, our team does have Disney Legal approved alternatives widely accepted by our university partners. After a DCP offer has been accepted, you or a student can submit a request here.
  • Disney Program Performance Evaluations – Similarly to our policy around agreement forms, the same can be said for school specific performance evals. That said, we have a Disney Programs performance evaluation that can be completed for participants needing one as a part of an internship requirement. Important…All they need to do is formally request one from a leader in their work location 2-4 weeks prior to their departure date.


DCP Continues to be Recommended for Credit –

  • I’m so proud and excited to share the Disney College Program remains recommended for up to nine (9) credits by the American Council on Education. We were very recently reviewed and approved by ACE for the next three years.  


All the best,

Jeff Hickman

Manager, Disney Programs

The Walt Disney Company

* Google Translations are provided only for your convenience. *
Please contact the department if you have any questions.

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