Disney Paid Internships!




Disney, Inc offers two great programs for ACC students.

To earn ACC Marketing Internship credit, you are required to:
• Take one Disney Education Course
• Complete the work experience
• Turn in a written assignment (5-10 pages)
• Submit an evaluation completed by your Disney College Program Supervisor
• Register for the Marketing Internship Course
• Have regular phone/emails contact with the ACC Marketing Internship Instructor

Please contact Ina Midkiff, Department Chair of Marketing at ina@austincc.edu or 512.223.2072, for additional information about these Disney programs.





May 19, 2021


Well, I know you are not accustomed to so many messages from me but things continue to move quickly and we’ve had a lot of great news to share lately. J And I have another big update to pass along today!

We will be opening an application today to all students for limited Disney College Program fall opportunities on DisneyCollegeProgram.com!  Below are some important details for you to know…

  • Students who are selected for these opportunities could arrive as early as mid-June depending on the availability provided at the time of application. For this particular program, we will prioritize students with earlier arrival date options.
  • We understand the timing of this application could be challenging for many students aspiring to participate on the DCP in the future. With that said, we are definitely hopeful of having a fall recruitment season for spring 2022 Disney College Program opportunities. More information to come this summer on the timing of when students might be able to apply for January/February 2022 arrival dates.
  • Students interested in applying for these limited fall opportunities should take action as soon as possible. The application is expected to be open for a very short period of time. I would probably discourage promoting this application on platforms like Handshake since it could quite possibly be available only for a matter of days depending on the application flow.
  • Our Disney Culinary Program, Disney International Programs and Disneyland College Program remain paused at this time.

Exciting times…I appreciate each and every one of you for your patience with us as we share updates when we have them.

Have a great day!


Jeff Hickman
Manager, Disney College & International Recruitment
The Walt Disney Company
D 407.828.2836 | Jeff.H.Hickman@Disney.com




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