Disney Paid Internships!

Disney College Program


Disney Paid Internships!


Disney, Inc offers two great programs for ACC students.

To earn ACC Marketing Internship credit, you are required to:

  • Take one Disney Education Course
  • Complete the work experience
  • Turn in a written assignment (5-10 pages)
  • Submit an evaluation completed by your Disney College Program Supervisor
  • Register for the Marketing Internship Course
  • Have regular phone/emails contact with the ACC Marketing Internship Instructor

Please contact Ina Midkiff, Department Chair of Marketing at [email protected] or 512.223.2072, for additional information about these Disney programs.


Professional Internships


Greetings University Partners!

I hope this message finds you all having a terrific day.

Today, I’m excited to share that the hourly rate of pay for those participating in a Disney College Program will be increasing.  Beginning June 4, all Disney College Program participants will receive a starting hourly rate of $16. This is a two dollar increase from our previous starting pay and will apply to participants currently on the program and any future participants.

Additionally, I want to share application for fall DCP opportunities remains open.  In fact, we will be keeping our application ‘live’ until Friday, May 26th specifically for fall opportunities that would begin in August. I wanted to get this communication out to you since this is a bit longer than we’ve kept applications open in the past, and it’s a great opportunity for those looking for opportunities in the fall. Feel free to share this information with your students.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. I’m always happy and here to help!

Thank you!


Manager, Disney Programs Recruitment

The Walt Disney Company

* Google Translations are provided only for your convenience. *
Please contact the department if you have any questions.

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