Texas Real Estate Commission

Texas Real Estate Commission

Texas Real Estate Commission


Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is located on the fourth floor of the Stephen F. Austin Building. TREC exists to protect and serve the citizens of Texas. The Commission’s programs of education, licensing and industry regulation ensure that real estate service providers are honest, trustworthy and competent.

TREC requires that all real estate brokers and sales agents meet and maintain specified levels of education to hold a license to act as a real estate agent. Agents are required to follow the provisions of The Real Estate License Act and the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission in all transactions and to deal with the public in a competent and honest manner. The Commission also licenses real estate inspectors, residential service companies, real estate schools and registers timeshare properties.

TREC is the state’s regulatory agency for the following:

  • Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents
  • Real Estate Inspectors
  • Education Providers for Real Estate and Inspection Courses
  • Residential Service Companies
  • Timeshare Developers
  • Easement Or Right-of-Way (ERW) agents

All of our College Credit courses are certified by TREC and five of them also meet Sales Apprentice Education (SAE) requirements.


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