Costs, Tuition, Fees

ACC assesses tuition and fees depending upon a student’s residency status, or where they live in relation to the ACC District, and how long they have lived within Texas.  In addition to tuition and fees, students taking welding courses will be charged a $50.00 course fee per course, and a $1.00 insurance fee per course. Please see the links below for details and totals.

Most Welding Technology courses are four credit hours.  This means that an in-district student will pay $391 per course, including the course fee and insurance fee.  An out of district student will pay $1,195 per 4 credit hour course, and an out of state student will pay $1,463 per 4 credit hour course.

Students are also expected to provide their own protective clothing and certain equipment. See the supply list for details. Your professor may provide a refined list.  Many local welding suppliers offer a discount to ACC Welding students.

ACC tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by by the Board of Trustees at any time.

For the cost of completing all of the courses required for each award, click on the appropriate link below.

2023/2024 Award Costs

Entrepreneurship/ Welding Hybrid Degrees