Continuing Education

The Welding Department offers certain classes through ACC’s Continuing Education (CE) program. These classes are ideal for the hobbyist and the person with a desire to learn welding for personal use, as well as for those wishing to explore their interest in welding before committing to a college credit course.

CE classes are shorter in duration (running about 7 weeks each) than college credit classes. They also do not require that students go through the full admissions process to sign up. See how you can register for CE classes.

CE welding classes do not satisfy any requirements within the college’s certificates or degrees.  However, after completing both courses, the student may petition with the college to have them converted to college credit for WLDG 1405 Art Metals.  This course is required for the Architectural and Ornamental Metals awards.  Once the petition is approved and the student completes any college credit course at ACC, the course will appear on the student’s transcript.

Welding CE classes:

WLDG 1000: Introduction to Welding– Equipment used in oxy-fuel and arc welding. Includes cutting of ferrous metals. Emphasizes welding and cutting safety and basic welding processes.

WLDG 1043: Intermediate Arc Welding– Introduces the student to the MIG, TIG, and flux-cored welding processes. Prerequisite: WLDG 1009 (now WLDG 1000) or instructor approval.

Useful Continuing Education (CE) Links: