Faculty Advisors

For general advising and initial new-student advising, students should visit the Advising and Counseling office at any campus.

For advising on specific information regarding the Welding Department, its awards and classes students are encouraged to contact one of the Welding Department’s full time faculty members. The faculty members are listed below by their area of expertise.  You may also contact administrative assistant Marjie LaRowe for assistance.

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Technical Welding (Code Welding, Structural Welding, Pipe Welding, Ultrahigh Purity Piping, Inert Gas Welding)
Troy DeFrates 512-223-0357 tdefrate@austincc.edu Office Hours
Thomas Hinkle 512-223-0351 thinkle@austincc.edu Office Hours
Tim Strouse 512-223-6086 tstrouse@austincc.edu Office Hours
Brent Werner 512-223-6447 brent.werner@austincc.edu Office Hours
Welding Inspection
Thomas Hinkle 512-223-0651 thinkle@austincc.edu Office Hours
Architectural and Ornamental Metals:  Metal Sculpture
Brady Foster 512-223-6655 brady.foster@austincc.edu Office Hours
Trent Temple 512-223-6083 ttemple@austincc.edu Office Hours
Architectural and Ornamental Metals:  Blacksmithing 
Haley Woodward 512-223-6442 hwoodwar@austincc.edu Office Hours