Welder Qualification Students:

See here for the schedules of testing dates:  Summer 2016 testing dates; Fall 2016 testing dates.

Summer 2016 Registration begins April 4.  Find your courses and your registration eligibility date.  


American Welding Society

Dr. Warren Donworth is recognized by the American Welding Society as the outstanding educator of the year.  Read more.



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Bring Supplies to Class!!!

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide unsurpassed technical training and industry relevance toward a career for the student aspiring to become a certified welder, welding inspector, or respected metal artist.

Many people are unaware of the tremendous scope and potential offered by welding technology. It is such a diverse field that there is an application for virtually every personality type. It is no exaggeration to say that our students are learning to manufacture everything from drawer pulls to skyscrapers. To meet the needs of these ever-expanding disciplines, we offer a number of flexible formats offered through individual courses, specialty certificates, and even comprehensive college degrees.

The ACC Welding Technology Department endeavors to maintain excellence throughout the many facets of Welding Technology. The unique offerings of this department include Technical Welding, Welding Inspection, Metalsmithing, and Metal Sculpture. These programs are recognized in quality and relevance, and are one of a kind nationally in such diverse offerings. Our graduates will possess the skills and knowledge to thrive in any local, regional, national, or even global economy as Welding Technologists.