Required Supplies

You are preparing to enter the profession of welding, and like other technical crafts, it requires specialized tools and equipment. By purchasing the following items, you will be more ready to enter the work force, and you will lessen the budgetary impact on our department and keep laboratory fees affordable. Remember that quality tools cost more initially, but over time, they are actually less expensive. They are more durable and will give you pride of ownership for years to come.

Supply Lists on this page

  • Introductory Supply List (printable)
  • Intermediate & Advanced Supply List (printable)
  • Architectural and Ornamental Metals Supply List (printable)
  • Continuing Education Supply List (printable)

Introductory Supply List

You are required to have the items on this list for the following technical welding courses:

  • WLDG 1417: Introduction to Layout and Fabrication
  • WLDG 1428: Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • WLDG 1430: Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • WLDG 1434: Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Safety glasses
Ear plugs
Welding hood with replacement lenses
Boots or high-top shoes
Gauntlets or gloves, according to your class
Leather sleeves or jacket
Long sleeve heavy cotton work shirt (i.e. Wrangler, Lapco, Carhartt)
Face shield with clear lenses
Cutting glasses or face shield with shade 4 or 5 lenses
Hand wire brush
Chipping hammer
Striker with flint replacements
Oxy/ Fuel tip cleaners
Soapstone with holder
6″ needle-nose pliers with side cutter, if taking GMAW (welder’s plier such as Welpers™ recommended)
Vise Grips™ 10R, or 10WR, or 10CR
12″ combination square with steel blade
25″ retractable tape measure (Stanley™ Brand preferred)
4 1/2″ diameter grinder
Extra grinding disks (1/4″ x 4 1/2″)
Extra wire wheels (4 1/2″)
2-lb ball peen hammer
8″ crescent wrench
Tool box or bucket or tool bag

Intermediate and Advanced Supply List

In addition to the Introductory List, you are required to have the items on this list for the following technical welding courses:

  • WLDG 1435: Introduction to Pipe Welding- API 1104
  • WLDG 1457: Intermediate Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • WLDG 2179: Welder Qualification
  • WLDG 2431: Advanced Blueprint Interpretation and Cost Analysis
  • WLDG 2451: Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • WLDG 2453: Advanced Pipe Welding- ASME Section IX
  • WLDG 2471: Structural Connections

1/4″ center punch

1/2″ cold chisel
6″ speed square
Half round double-cut file: 12″
Vise Grips™, two 11R each
Pipe wrap: medium size
Replacement grinding disks (1/4”x 4 1/2″)
Bead disk grinding disks (1/8”x4 1/2″)
Replacement wire wheels (4 1/2″)

Replacement of all worn PPE items from the Introductory List

Architectural and Ornamental Metals Supply List

Students are required to have the items on this list for the following art metals courses; your instructor may provide more details:

  • WLDG 1401: Metalsmithing
  • WLDG 1405: Art Metals
  • WLDG 1408: Metal Sculpture
  • WLDG 1477: Coppersmithing
  • WLDG 1478: Architectural Hardware
  • WLDG 1479: Functional and Sculptural Forging
  • WLDG 2435 Advanced Layout and Fabrication
  • WLDG 2440: Studio Problems in Art Metals (Advanced Sculpture)
  • WLDG 2441: Power Hammer
  • WLDG 2477: Toolmaking
  • WLDG 2478: Advanced Metalsmithing

Shirts: Fire retardant treated cotton welding jacket, sleeves, or heavy cotton long-sleeved shirt while welding. Please refrain from wearing controversial or revealing clothing
Pants: Cotton and must not be frayed
Shoes: Leather, or fire resistant. No tennis shoes
Gloves: 2 pair of leather gauntlet, TIG, or driver’s style gloves
Cap: Welder’s cloth cap with bill
Pliers: 10″ locking pliers or Vise Grips™. Channel lock pliers (8″) are also acceptable
Glasses: ANSI-approved safety glasses with shatter-proof lenses
Cutting glasses, goggles, or face shield: shade 5
Clear face shield
Ear plugs: reusable rubber or disposable sponge plugs or muffs
Striker and flint replacements
Oxy-fuel tip cleaner
Soapstone with holder
6″ Needle-nose pliers with side cut
Retractable tape measure: 20’
Tool box, bucket or tool bag
Wire wheels to last the semester
Grinding discs to last the semester
Flap discs to last the semester


Continuing Education Supply List

Students are required to have the items on this list for the following continuing education courses:

  • WLDG 1009 Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • WLDG 1043 Intermediate Arc Welding
  • WLDX 3002 Welded Steel SculptureSafety glasses: ANSI-approved with shatter-proof lenses & side shields

Ear Plugs: reusable rubber or disposable sponge plugs
Shirts: should be made of cotton and have long sleeves
Pants: should be made of cotton and must not have cuffs
Boots: high-top shoes also acceptable but fabric shoes not permitted
Gloves: leather gauntlet style to protect from embers and arc burns
Cap: welder’s cloth cap with downward bill to protect from sparks
Locking pliers: for handling hot metal
Welding hood: for electric arc welding, lens shade #10
Cutting goggles: for oxy-fuel welding, cutting, and brazing; lens shade #5.
Chipping hammer: for removing slag
Hand wire brush: for cleaning metal and welds