Family and Medical Leave

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 04/05/17
Guideline/Procedure: 4.0503.04.1

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) will provide eligible covered employees with unpaid, job-protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for specified family and medical reasons.

Administrative Rule

Family and Medical leave is available to employees who qualify, in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), as amended.

Under the FMLA, eligible employees are employees who have worked for ACC for a total of at least twelve (12) months and for at least 1250 hours over the previous twelve (12) consecutive month period. An eligible employee may take up to twelve (12) workweeks of Family and Medical Leave for specified and documented family and medical reasons.

An eligible employee with a spouse, son, daughter or parent who is a covered military member who is on active duty, or has been notified of an impending call or order to covered active duty, is entitled to FMLA leave for any “qualifying exigency” arising out of that military duty.

FMLA allows eligible employees to take up to 26 work weeks of job-protected leave in a single 12-month period to care for a covered service member with a serious injury or illness.

An employee’s FMLA leave will be measured under a “rolling” 12 month period measured backwards from the date the employee begins to use any FMLA leave, except for military caregiver leave.

Under certain circumstances and with appropriate medical certification, employees may take FMLA leave intermittently. Intermittent FMLA leave may not be used for the birth of a child and/or bonding time. If intermittent FMLA leave is for placement for adoption or foster care, it is subject to approval by the employee’s supervisor/manager.

While on FMLA leave, all accrued and available paid leave time must be used and runs concurrently with the FMLA leave, except when the employee is receiving Workers Compensation benefits.


  1. The HR Benefits office is responsible for managing the FMLA process, developing guidelines and procedures and making FMLA qualification determinations.
  2. An employee must provide notice to the immediate supervisor and/or the HR Benefits office of the need for FMLA leave. An employee’s notice of a need for FMLA leave may be oral or written. The employee is required to provide enough information for the College to know that the leave may be covered by the FMLA.
  3. The supervisor is responsible for notifying the HR Benefits office immediately when an employee has requested or may need FMLA.
  4. The supervisor shall ensure the employee’s time is tracked and appropriately counted in the College’s time reporting system.

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