Professional Development Hours

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Board Policy Reference: DK, Professional Development
Effective date: 03/24/20

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) believes strongly in the importance of continued professional growth of its employees through professional development activities. Professional Development activities assist employees to better serve our dynamic and growing community and students. The College is committed to supporting the professional and/or educational needs of the employee through a variety of activities that are broad based in content, accessible, and flexible.

Administrative Rule

All full-time Staffing Table employees will participate in 12 hours of professional development during an academic year. Staffing Table employees employed less than full-time will participate in a percentage of hours based on their FTE equivalent (e.g., an FTE of 0.5 will participate in 6 hours; an FTE of 0.75 will participate in 9 hours.) Adjunct faculty will participate in 4 hours of professional development.

  1. Additional professional development hours above the minimum may be required of an individual employee, based on a performance improvement plan.
  2. Professional development activities will be proposed by the employee as part of the employee’s personal professional development plan and approved by the employee’s immediate super visor or the faculty member’s Department Chair.
  3. Up to three hours above the required professional development hours that an employee completes may be rolled over to the next year. Employees must complete supervisor-, department-, or College- mandated training each year, regardless of hours rolled over.
  4. The Professional Development Committee will recommend implementation procedures to the Administrative Services Council.
  5. The Professional Development section of the Office of Human Resources is responsible for coordinating professional development resources and activities for staff, and the required College-mandated compliance training for all employees. The Division of Teaching and Learning Excellence (TLED) is responsible for coordinating professional development for faculty that is directly related to teaching and learning.
  6. All employees will complete department-specific, local, state, or federal government mandated training relevant to their job responsibilities by the required deadlines.

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