Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Environment (G/P)

Effective date: 09/08/15


  1. The College prohibits the use, distribution, and/or sale of tobacco, smoke, and nicotine vapor products and devices (including, but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes, hookahs, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, or any other related products and devices) by any person on all premises owned, rented, leased, or supervised by the College, including all College facilities, buildings, and grounds. This prohibition applies to property owned by others that the College uses by agreement, and further applies to all College vehicles. The only exception to this total prohibition shall be in those circumstances where the College is party to a contract or other agreement relating to the property that limits it authority in this regard.
  2. The College shall not solicit nor accept a grant, gift, or any item or service of value from a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer whose principal business is tobacco, smoke, or nicotine vapor products and devices, and/or any other related products and devices.
  3. The College prohibits all tobacco, smoke, nicotine vapor, and/or any other related product advertising or sponsorships on its property, at College-sponsored events, or in publications produced by the College.
  4. The College may offer and promote prevention and education initiatives that support nonuse or cessation of tobacco products and the understanding of risks associated with tobacco use.
  5. The College Facilities department and Campus Managers/Center Supervisors are responsible for appropriate signage. Signs stating that our campuses and facilities are “Tobacco Free” shall comply with local, state, and/or federal regulations.


  1. All ACC personnel who observe, or receive a complaint about, a violation of AR 7.0401.01 shall notify the violator of the rule and request that the violator refrain from violating it.
  2. All ACC personnel shall report employee violations of AR 7.0401.01 to the employee’s supervisor and/or the relevant Campus Manager or Center Supervisor and report all other violations to the Campus Manager or Center Supervisor.
  3. Supervisors are required to inform any personnel under their supervision who are violating this rule that they are doing so and shall, as warranted, initiate disciplinary procedures under AR 4.1201.03, Progressive Discipline Procedures for Non-Faculty Staffing Employees.
  4. Campus Managers and Center Supervisors are required to inform anyone on their campus or in their center who are violating this rule that they are doing so and
    1. If the violator is an employee, the violation must be reported to the employee’s supervisor for initiation of disciplinary procedures as warranted.
    2. If the violator is a student, the Dean of Student Services must initiate disciplinary procedures under AR 6.1202.01, Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process as warranted.
    3. If the violator is neither an employee nor a student, the Campus Manager, Center Supervisor, or other ACC personnel must advise the individual of ACC’s smoke- and tobacco-free environment rule.

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