Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP)

Administrative Rule
Council: President
Effective date: 09/11/15
Guideline/Procedure: 6.1202.02.1

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (ACC) is dedicated to the safety, health and welfare of its students, faculty and staff. The unlawful use and abuse of drugs and alcohol can negatively affect the educational environment and greatly impact the lives of those who abuse these substances.

To fulfill this value, ACC supports an alcohol-free and drug-free environment. The provisions of Administrative Rule 6.1202.03 and Administrative Rule 6.1202.01 shall apply to violations of this policy. Prohibited activities under these policies include the unlawful possession, use, distribution, sale, or manufacture of controlled substances or inhalant, or the unlawful use of alcohol on campus or at college-sponsored activities and as defined in Schedules I through V of the Title 21 United

States Code (USC) Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Administrative Rule

To implement this policy, ACC will develop and establish a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Program (DAAPP) pertinent to ACC enrolled students in accordance with the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations (34 CFR Part 86) of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA). ACC supports the requirements of the DFSCA and in order to comply will provide to enrolled students an in-depth document detailing the following:

  1. ACC’s Student Policy(ies), administrative rules, and guidelines/procedures regarding the unlawful use of drugs and alcohol,
  2. Descriptions of legal sanctions under local, state, and federal laws,
  3. Descriptions of some of the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol abuse,
  4. Descriptions of campus resources, community resources and national organizations that offer resources including information on programs that are available for students, and
  5. Institutional sanctions that will be imposed upon students for violation of the college’s administrative rules pertaining to the Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process.

ACC will also conduct an annual review of its program to: (a) determine its effectiveness and implement changes if they are needed; (b) ensure that the drug, alcohol and inhalant abuse violations and sanctions are imposed and consistently enforced by the college; and (c) prepare a biennial review report approved by ACC’s President to meet full compliance with the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) 34 CFR Part 86.100.

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