Credentials Review of Administrators for Reassignment

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Board Policy Reference: DC, Employment Practices
Effective date: 08/05/04
Guideline/Procedure: 4.0300.09.1

When it is in the best interest of the College, Administrators may be transferred or reassigned to a staffing table position.  The reassignment or transfer must be approved by the President or President’s designee.  The determination may be based upon the need to realign existing resources, reorganization, reduction in programs or services, or any other compelling institutional need.

  1. Prior to reassignment/transfer, the employee’s credentials must be reviewed to determine that the Administrator meets the requirements of the new position upon review and approval. Upon review and approval, the employee may be immediately reassigned or transferred.
  2. If an Administrator is reassigned to a faculty position, it is the responsibility of the receiving department to certify credentials prior to the reassignment taking place.
  3. An administrator who is reassigned or transferred to a lower level position that results in a salary decrease shall be provided ninety days (90) notice of the salary reduction/transfer. On the effective date of salary reduction, the employee’s salary will be adjusted to reflect the correct salary for the new position.
  4. When an administrator is reassigned or transferred, there shall be no reduction in accrued sick or personal leave unless the change is to a faculty position. If the reassignment results in an employee being reassigned to a faculty position, the employee shall be paid for all unused vacation at the time of the reassignment.


  1. It is the responsibility of HR Compensation to ensure that all employees meet minimum qualification requirements of the new position prior to finalizing any reassignment or transfer.
  2. When requested, it is the responsibility of the administrator being reassigned to submit an application, transcript or other credentials to HR Compensation.
  3. HR Compensation shall notify the President or President’s designee whether the administrator meets the requirements of the new position.
  4. The President or President’s designee shall make the final decision regarding transfer or reassignment of an administrator.
  5. The Associate Vice President of Human Resources shall notify the administrator, in writing of the transfer/reassignment, effective date and compensation.

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