Dual Employment

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Board Policy Reference: DC, Employment Practices
Effective date: 09/08/17

Value Statement

ACC values the talents of its faculty and staff and appreciates that many employees have the expertise and the desire to contribute to the College. Employees are expected to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the primary position for which they were hired.


  1. Primary Position – An employee’s benefit eligible position.
  2. Secondary Position – Any employment assignment other than the Primary Position.

Administrative Rule

  1. Employees may not be simultaneously assigned to more than one benefits eligible position.
  2. Exempt employees holding a Primary Position may be considered for adjunct faculty or hourly instructor positions as long as the Secondary Position and its duties do not conflict with or require adjustment to the customary working hours of the Primary Position.
  3. Non-exempt employees holding a Primary Position may not be employed in a Secondary Position.
  4. Adjunct faculty that do not hold a Primary Position may hold hourly assignments as long as those assignments comply with AR 4.0402.01 Employment of Hourly Personnel.


  1. An exempt employee who is being considered for an adjunct faculty or hourly instructor position must notify his or her immediate supervisor of the proposed assignment. An employee should not commit to teach a class if there would be a problem in fulfilling the teaching assignment.
  2. The supervisor shall ensure there are no conflicts or overlap with the employee’s Primary Position.
  3. Human Resources shall implement controls to detect and prevent dual assignments for nonexempt employees.

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