Interactive Media

Using interactive media in your digital content is a powerful way to engage your online audience and convert them from passive consumers to active participants. Animation, graphics and images, text, video, and audio elements, provide a way for your viewers to interact with your content and enhance their experience.
Computer monitor, mic, and cell phone. On the computer monitor is a graphical representation of a video editing software showing source and preview windows, timeline, and list of assets.
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Rise in conversions with a switch to interactive content
Content Marketing

Quick Facts about this Microcredential

What You’ll Learn

  • Plan, execute, and assess ways to use digital platforms to create and share information
  • Create a GIF, and a screen recording using free, popular content creation tools
  • Create a video using modern best practices
  • In video preproduction, learn how to create a video brief, script, and storyboard
  • ¬†Gather and create the audio, still images, and video assets you need for your project
  • Edit, encode, and share final video
  • Development of Creative Thinking and Oral Communication professional competencies

Things to Know

  • This microcredential is free to all current ACC students
  • Although not required, knowledge of¬† presentation software and/or software used to create and edit images and graphics may be helpful in this microcredential. Consider taking Presentation Software, Advanced PowerPoint, and Photoshop for Web microcredentials if you want to learn more. Curiosity and the willingness to try new things will enhance your learning experience as well.
  • This microcredential is part of the Interactive Presentations for Effective Communication ¬†Microcertificate

What You’ll Earn

Those completing the microcredential with an 80% or above will receive a portable digital badge that can be shared with employers or online on sites such as LinkedIn
Digital portable badge for Austin Community College District's Digital Fluency and Innovation Interactive Media microcredential
Internet users worldwide who watch digital videos each week
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Pilot sessions are planned to start in Spring 2024

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