Photoshop for Web

Create visually cohesive and optimized images for use on a website or in a presentation. Images are so important when communicating a feeling, idea or explaining a concept. Make sure your website visitors or the audience for your presentation gets the most impact from your images. This microcredential covers Photoshop tools commonly used for optimizing and editing images.
Computer monitor showing a graphical representation of Photoshop, depicting using the selection tool. On the wall behind the monitor is a framed photo of the same image that is on the monitor, and on the desk is a camera and photography book.
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Creative professionals who use Photoshop Fast Facts

Quick Facts about this Microcredential

What You’ll Learn

  • File formats, their uses, and image resolution
  • Retouching tools
  • Optimizing images for web and presentations
  • Creating simple logos and simple graphical elements
  • Develop Creative Thinking professional competency

Things to Know

  • Students who don’t already have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription will be required to purchase a $10 license to access Adobe Photoshop for the duration of the microcredential
  • This microcredential requires a computer that has access to the internet and meets the minimum technical requirements to use the software
  • This microcredential provides a base upon which to build digital fluency
  • This microcredential is part of the Web Presence Fundamentals ¬†Microcertificate

What You’ll Earn

Those completing the microcredential with an 80% or above will receive a portable digital badge that can be shared with employers or online on sites such as LinkedIn
Digital portable badge for Austin Community College District's Digital Fluency and Innovation Photoshop for Web microcredential

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