Intro to Computers & Internet Search

Everything is going digital – jobs, school, and personal communication. Interacting easily and confidently in a digital world starts with understanding how computers and the Internet work. In this microcredential, you'll learn the basics of how computers operate, file management, and safe, efficient methods to search on the web. Start your digital fluency journey with this microcredential.

Computer monitor and mouse, magnifying glass, and a lamp. On the computer monitor is a graphical representation of a search page.
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Quick Facts about this Microcredential

What You’ll Learn

  • The basic components of a computer (hardware and software)
  • Navigating, managing files, and operating systems
  • Searching techniques to conduct browsing, filtering, and evaluation of digital content
  • Ethical principles that relate to the use of information technology and networks
  • Development of Problem Solving professional competency, as well

Things to Know

What You’ll Earn

Those completing the microcredential with an 80% or above will receive a portable digital badge that can be shared with employers or online on sites such as LinkedIn.
Digital portable badge for Austin Community College District's Digital Fluency and Innovation Intro to Computers and Internet Search microcredential
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