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Today, it is essential to know how to use word processing software for work, school, and personal use. Whether you need to write essays, reports, or journals, or create flyers, newsletters, resumes, or cover letters, using a word processing app will help you be more productive, reduce errors, and look polished and professional. Microsoft Word and Google Docs are the two most commonly used word processings apps in the world. This microcredential covers beginning to advanced topics.

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Quick Facts about this Microcredential

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn basic to advanced skills in Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • Learn formatting, letter writing, and document management
  • Insert items, manage tables, and adjust margins and tab stops
  • Create bibliographies, citations, table of contents, mail merges, bookmarks, hyperlinks, watermarks, and forms
  • Understand pros and cons of when to use either software application
  • Development of Integrative Learning professional competency

Things to Know

  • This microcredential is free to all current ACC students
  • This is a foundation course – no prior knowledge/experience is required
  • This microcredential provides a base upon which to build digital fluency
  • This microcredential is part of the Fundamentals of Computer Skills for Job Readiness Microcertificate

What You’ll Earn

Those completing the microcredential with an 80% or above will receive a portable digital badge that can be shared with employers or online on sites such as LinkedIn
Digital portable badge for Austin Community College District's Digital Fluency and Innovation Word Processing microcredential

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