Faculty & Staff

Radiology Faculty & Staff

For general questions about the Radiology program, please contact us. For admission questions, call (512) 223-5700.

Department Chair

Kate Verdun (Patton), MAEd/AET, R.T. (R), (ARRT)

EVC Office: EVC 8203.7
EVC Phone: (512) 223-5817
RRC Office: RRC 3122.09
RRC Phone: (512) 223-0262
Email: kathryn.patton@austincc.edu

Assistant Department Chair

Teresa Garza, M.Ed., R.T. (R) (MR) (ARRT)

Office: RRC Bldg 3000, Rm 3122.10
Phone: (512) 223-0263
Email: tgarza@austincc.edu

Administration Office

Karoline Gebert

Office: EVC Bldg 8000, Rm 8283
Phone: (512) 223-5865
Email: gebert@austincc.edu

Full-Time Faculty

Name Room Phone Email
Kristy Baker, BS, R.T. (R), (ARRT) EVC 8203.8 (512) 223-5820 kbaker12@austincc.edu
Paul De Los Reyes, MBA, R.T. (R), (CT), (CNMT) RRC 3122.06B (512) 223-0260 paul.delosreyes@austincc.edu
Angela Hadlock, BS, R.T. (R), (MR), (ARRT) RRC 3106.00 (512) 223-0235 angela.hadlock@austincc.edu
Michelle Hamilton, MA, APCE, R.T. (R), (CI), (VI), (ARRT) EVC 8203.5 (512) 223-5819 michelle.hamilton@austincc.edu
Hynek Joseph Hejl, M.Ed., R.T. (R), (CT), (ARRT) EVC 8203.6 (512) 223-5815 hynek.hejl@austincc.edu
Maria Kelly, MS, R.T. (R), (CT), (ARRT) EVC 8203.10 (512) 223-5818 maria.kelly@austincc.edu
Dr. Jennifer Rigsby, DHA, R.T. (R) (CT) (ARRT) EVC 8207 (512) 223-5822 jrigsby@austincc.edu

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Radiology Updates

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    All students who have not been accepted into an ACC Health Sciences program should declare General Studies in Pre-Health Sciences (Associate of Science) for their major. Once accepted into a program, the student's major will be updated.

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  • For New Health Sciences Applicants

    All students wanting to apply to a Health Science Program should start their application by uploading their immunization record to CastleBranch. Use Package Code UL64im

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