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Clinical Objectives Traditional Mobility
Traditional Level 1 RNSG 1413 RNSG 1341
 Traditional Level 2 RNSG 1247 RNSG 1443
Traditional Level 3 RNSG 1412 RNSG 2213
 Traditional Level 4 RNSG 2432 RNSG 2121
Mobility RNSG 1542 RNSG 2402

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Professional Nursing Updates

  • ACEN Accreditation Public Meeting

    The Nursing Programs (Professional Nursing and Vocational Nursing) at Austin Community College will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, October 9th, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Eastview Campus in Room 8500 as part of our ACEN continuing accreditation process.

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  • UPDATE: Central Health MAP Basic Insurance

    Central Health - Medical Access Program (MAP) Basic coverage is no longer accepted at clinical sites effective Fall 2024. Only MAP (non basic) will be accepted.

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  • Castlebranch new account creation process

    There is a new process to create a Castlebranch account. Preview the new process and other videos to help you create your Castlebranch account.

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