Use of College Facilities

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 09/29/16

Values inherent in the use of College facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assignment of space for instructional and instructional support purposes of the College are highest priority;
  • Use of College facilities for official student organizations and employee organizations will be provided free when used during the regularly scheduled hours of operation;
  • External groups may request use of College facilities, but will be subject to a charge to cover expenses of staff, utilities, and insurance.

Requests for use of College facilities will be directed to the appropriate facility administrator or designee. Internal and external groups utilizing College facilities will be provided written guidelines regarding the conditions of use at the time approval is given via Request for Use of College Facilities form.

Fees for facility use by external groups may be waived or reduced by approval of the appropriate facility administrator when the external group’s activity is made available to students, faculty and staff on a free or reduced-cost basis.

All conditions noted on the Request for Use of College Facilities form must be enforced unless the appropriate Vice President approves exceptions. See Addendum A.

All organizations using College facilities assume the liability for any occurrences on College property.

Internal (College) Groups and Organizations

When space is available, and the meeting date(s) time(s) are within regular operating hours of the facility, no charge will be made.

Performance Space

Requests for facilities which involve performance by arts-related groups require completion of

“Performances – Memorandum of Agreement” form. See Addendum B.

Signs and Advertising

For the purposes of this rule, “sign” shall be defined as a billboard, decal, notice, placard, poster or banner; and “posting” shall be defined as any means used for displaying a sign.

Signs shall only be permitted on College property for College sponsored or College-related events; or for events for which College facilities have been lawfully reserved, including authorized use by student groups.

College District facilities shall not be available for use by individuals or groups for political advertising or campaign communications, as those terms are used in state law. Exceptions to this prohibition are limited to occasions when a College District facility is used as an official polling place, or when a group has properly arranged to use College facilities for a specific event. In those instances, signage must conform to the following restrictions and limitations.


A sign shall not be larger than 22 inches by 28 inches. A sign shall not be attached or posted:

    1. To a shrub or plant;
    2. To a tree, except by string to its trunk;
    3. To a permanent sign installed for another purpose;
    4. To a fence or chain or its supporting structure;
    5. To a brick, concrete, or masonry structure;
    6. To a statue, monument, or similar structure;
    7. On or adjacent to a fire hydrant;
    8. In any manner that obstructs the view of drivers on College District property, or otherwise creates an unsafe condition on College District property;
    9. On or between a curb and sidewalk; or
    10. In a College District building, except on a bulletin board designated for that purpose.


Non-school literature shall not be distributed on College District property if:

    1. The materials are obscene;
    2. The materials contain defamatory statements about public figures or others;
    3. The materials advocate imminent lawless or disruptive action and are likely to incite or produce such action;
    4. The materials are considered prohibited harassment;
    5. The materials constitute unauthorized solicitation; or
    6. The materials infringe upon intellectual property rights of the College District or a third party, upon notification from the third party.


Signs shall be removed not later than 14 days after posting or, if related to an event (including use of the College facility as a polling place), not later than 24 hours after the event to which it relates has ended.

Prohibited Uses of College Facilities

College facilities may not be used by an organization commonly recognized as promoting and advocating theories and doctrines intended to undermine or overthrow the constituted government of the United States of America.

College facilities may not be used for an activity which may be deemed a nuisance by people living nearby.

College facilities may not be used for any unlawful activity. Revenue-generating activities shall be limited to organizations known to have strong educational or community services programs.

College facilities will not be available for commercial purposes. No activity or program can be approved which has as its purpose, profit or gains to the organization concerned.


Administrative Procedure – Use of Austin Community College Facilities
Form – Request for Use of College Facilities
Addendum B – Performances – Memorandum of Agreement
Addendum C – Schedule of Rental Charges for Use of ACC Facilities

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