November 2020 | ACC Highland Phase 2

Construction is substantially complete while final testing and commissioning of all systems are still ongoing. Final corrections/touchups and final cleaning are occurring as well. Departmental moves have begun and faculty and staff are starting to set up their spaces prior to the start of the spring semester beginning in January 2021. The building remains closed to the general public as there is still a lot of activity inside getting things finished and set up.

October 2020 | ACC Highland Phase 2

Construction is nearly substantially complete. Final testing and commissioning of all systems are still ongoing. Final corrections/touchups and final cleaning are occurring as well. The telescopic seating for the Dance Studio will be installed soon. Equipment is still being installed throughout the building and furniture is being placed in its correct location throughout also. Computer installation will be forthcoming. Departmental moves will begin soon so that faculty and staff may set up their spaces prior to the start of the spring semester beginning in January 2021.

September 2020 | ACC Highland Phase 2

The Black Box Theatre wood floor is being installed. The wood stage flooring in the Music Performance Hall will be installed soon. The fixed seating in the performance spaces is being installed. Final touches and last-minute finishes are being completed. The mechanical and electrical systems have had a final inspection. The plumbing and fire alarm systems are being tested and will be inspected soon. The majority of the furniture has been installed and equipment installation is well underway. The exterior furniture has been installed as well.

July/August 2020 | ACC Highland Phase 2

Construction is nearing completion with a substantial completion milestone expected at the end of September. Final touches are being completed throughout the building with several large performance spaces still undergoing substantial construction activities. Curtain tracks are being hung. The wood sprung dance floor will be installed soon. Fixed seating is starting to be installed in some locations. The pipe grid is nearly complete in all areas.

The connections to adjacent buildings 1000 and 4000 have been completed. Landscaping and site paving is mostly complete. Exterior furniture has been installed. The majority of the furniture has been delivered and installed. Equipment installation has begun in some areas.

May/June 2020 | ACC Highland Phase 2

The exterior walkways, seating walls, and landscaping are complete on the west and are underway on the east side. The exterior building finishes are being completed and exterior furnishings are forthcoming.

The majority of the interior spaces are complete or nearly complete with the exception being the larger performance and production spaces that have a multitude of infrastructure and acoustic components and specialty finishes. Touch-ups and final cleaning efforts are on-going. Furniture installation is nearing completion throughout the building. Equipment installation has begun in the health sciences simulation area. Commissioning and systems testing is on-going.

Highland Phase 2 will open for Spring Semester 2021.

March/April 2020 | ACC Highland Phase 2

The Riverbat has been installed on the Paseo canopy. It casts a shadow below that moves across the Paseo throughout the day. Concrete placement on the west side is finishing up. Grading and concrete work will begin shortly on the east side. The chilled water line on the east has been installed, insulated, and inspected.

Electrical conduit and wire work is ongoing while the cyclorama — a wall arced to create the illusion that there is no end — is currently being installed in the TV/Film Studios for Radio-Television-Film. The metal wall panels are almost finished and metal ceiling tile installation will start soon in the Meeting Presentation Hall. The final painting, lighting installation, and concrete floor overlay are nearly complete throughout the entire building. Stair railing installation is nearly complete. Pipe grid and acoustical wall panels are being installed in many areas. Study rooms and study niche seating is complete throughout. Markerboards, tack boards, and display cases are still being installed. Appliances have been installed throughout. Floor and wall protection has been installed in many areas as furniture installation has begun in some office suites and some classrooms.

February 2020 | ACC Highland Phase 2

Interior finishes and specialties are being installed and drywall finishing is ongoing. Overhead acoustical panel installation is ongoing. Cabinetry and built-in desks continue to be installed. Culinary equipment is being installed. Signage installation has begun. Restroom accessory installation is about to begin. Tile work, carpet, and other flooring activities are ongoing. Decorative metal railing posts have been installed at the open stairs and perforated panels will be installed in March. Glass railing at floor openings is complete. Three of the five elevators are complete. Cable tray installation, wire pulling, and pipe insulation are nearly complete.

Exterior metal panel activities are ongoing on the upper paseo. Paseo waterproofing is nearly complete and elevated concrete topping slab will be poured soon afterward. Sitework is currently ongoing in the paseo and on the west side. Sidewalks are being installed. Landscaping and finishes to begin shortly.

January 2020 | ACC Highland Phase 2

Paseo from the west

Gas service is now on in the building and plumbing fixtures are being installed. Overhead utilities are still underway in the southern portion of the building. Restroom tilework is making progress, as well as carpet tile in many office suites and study rooms. Ceiling tile installation has begun and acoustic panels are currently in progress in the main corridors. Stair railings continue to be installed. Millwork, such as cabinetry and built-in reception desks, is being installed.

The building exterior metal wall panel installation is still in progress. Exterior site grading and flatwork have begun.

Highland pre-construction work continues

Teams have completed design development. Abatement is complete and interior demolition is nearing completion. Crews have begun installing a separation wall to seal off the construction area.

Construction is ongoing for temporary space in Building 4000 to house fine arts, performing arts, and computer science programs that are relocating from Rio Grande Campus. Meanwhile, the college is meeting with future user groups to identify furniture and equipment needs

A Request for Qualifications has been issued to solicit proposals for the design and construction of a parking garage on the southeast side of the former mall.