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Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Please read below to catch up on issues from this week at ACC.

Senate Meetings

FIRST CALL FOR AGENDA ITEMS – 11/8/19 Senate Meeting – noon to 2pm HLC 2101 – The agenda for our next Senate meeting is in development. If you have items, please submit them to or your campus senator now.


New Action Items [please check due dates below!]

Review and comment on campus master planning [DUE – November 1, 2019] – At our most recent Senate meeting, Mike Midgley shared some details about the campus master planning process. He would like faculty to review the grid he is working on to outline which courses / degree plans will be housed at each campus. Examine the grid, and then send your comments / concerns to


Current Action Items (These are reminders for things I’ve already sent out):

FROM ASAC (Academic and Student Affairs Council) – DUE – Sunday, October 27, 2019

MANY new policy changes were discussed and approved at the 10/4 meeting. This means that the items are now open for COMMENT. If you are concerned about any of the issues below, please comment before the deadline. More details can be found on the ASAC page. Scroll down and open the “items under review” menu, then click on “submit comment” to add your comments. You can also share concerns with your senate representatives on the ASAC.

  • 2020 – 2021 Academic Calendar
  • Administrative Rule 4.02.006 Copyright Ownership
  • Proposed Administrative Rule on D Grade – The college plans to stop accepting D grades for credit.
  • Proposed Testing Center Usage Criteria (summary) – The college plans to strictly limit the use of testing centers. If you use testing centers in your teaching PLEASE review this and comment!
  • Proposed AR Guideline on Non-Grade Related Student Complaints



Counseling Faculty Update – On October 8, there was a meeting between Student Affairs Administrators and Counseling Faculty. Some concerns were raised as a result of that meeting, and Senate leadership has now received responses to those concerns. Please read below for details.

Concern over caseload for Clinical Counselors – Are clinicians seeing too many students? Might they be overloaded?

  • Response – ACC has many students, but clinical counselors are not seeing every ACC student – only those with clinical needs. Administration is pulling data together to determine the actual caseloads for counselors at each campus, and that will be shared with everyone. These data will determine if any changes are needed.

Concern about the ability to switch from one counselor position to another – Can (for example) Completion Counselors apply to become Clinical Counselors if Clinical positions open up?

  • Response – If positions open up, they will be open to all. Anyone can apply, but only the most competitive applicants will be hired. Student Affairs will follow HR policies for hiring. If you think you might want to make a switch, keep your clinical skills up, maintain your credentials, and apply when jobs open.

Completion Counselors would like to meet with Success Coaches so they can learn from each other with the goal of serving students in the best ways possible. Can there be a joint meeting?

  • Response – YES! At the meeting, a SWOT was suggested by some counseling faculty, and that is now being planned. The SWOT will be the first opportunity for Completion Counselors and Success Coaches to meet together, but administration is open to other meetings after that too.

Administration collected notes during the meeting. They will be distributing those soon, and will include a “save the date” for the SWOT when the notes are shared. Counseling faculty, please keep your eyes peeled for that email.


Testing Center Hours – Do you use the testing centers? If you do, please use THIS LINK to give students the most up to date hours for each testing center. Share the link widely with students to ensure they know when they can take tests on each campus.


Thanks for your attention, and good luck during your midterm season!


++missi patterson