Associate of Applied Science Degree

This is a two-year course of study that will provide detailed knowledge and skills in the various functions of marketing and marketing management. The skills and knowledge will prepare the student to enter the work force and have the competencies and obtain mastery in the field of marketing. Course work includes both general marketing courses to establish a foundation of study and specialized courses that will allow the student to meet their individual career objectives. A graduate of this 2-year program has the option of continuing his or her education and pursuing a 4-year non-­traditional occupational education degree (Bachelors of Applied Arts and Science) offered by a number of state universities.

It is strongly recommended that you contact ACC counselors and/or colleges or universities you may wish to transfer ACC courses to prior to taking these courses. Final approval of the degree plan for graduation is provided by the Admissions Office. Application for graduation must be on file in the Admissions Office before the published deadline of the student’s final semester. The ACC Catalog contains important information about graduation.


This certificate award plan is designed to meet the needs of the individuals in the community who desire skills and knowledge in marketing. All of the courses will aid employees of all industries that are involved in all functions of marketing by allowing them to better understand how these marketing functions can affect the marketing process and how they are interrelated. All courses may be applied towards the Marketing Associate Degree program if the student at a later time desires to pursue an associate degree.

Program Map

In 2016, ACC began restructuring programs and services to support "guided pathways," a strategy embraced by community colleges nationwide to help students finish college on time, prepare for employment, career advancement, or university transfer. Students are encouraged to download and retain this Marketing Program Map. Students can use this fillable PDF form to track their progress by checking off completed courses, by adding course notes when discussing with an academic advisor or when planning their class schedules.

Award Plans and Worksheets

Click on the applicable year to view the award plans for the marketing program and to download the corresponding worksheets.

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