General Information

A&P Course Readiness Assessment:

Students wishing to take BIOL 2401 – Anatomy & Physiology I (A&P I) must first pass an assessment test with a 70% or higher before they are allowed to enroll in the course. If a student meets the following requirements, please contact the Biology department at 512-223-3322 or send us an email to receive instructions on how to request permission to register for A&P I (BIOL 2401):

  • Previously passed Human Anatomy (BIOL 2304) and Human Physiology (BIOL 2305) with a C or better. Permission will only be granted if both courses were taken within the last five years.
  • Previously passed A&P I (BIOL 2401) with a C or better. Permission will only be granted if this course was taken within the last five years.

NOTE: The following courses will NOT exempt you from taking the assessment test for A&P I:  Intro to A&P (BIOL 2404), High school A&P and Kinesiology A&P

Students wishing to take BIOL 2402 – Anatomy & Physiology II (A&P II) are NOT required to pass an assessment test before enrolling in the course. BIOL 2401 with minimum grade of C (or equivalent with lab) is a required prerequisite.  Students who have previously completed A&P I at another institution will need to submit their official transcripts to Admissions and Records for evaluation.



Why is there an assessment test?

The assessment tests evaluate if students have the necessary background material to pass HIGH SCHOOL biology and chemistry. BIOL 2401 – A&P I does not cover basic material and the assessment tests evaluate your knowledge of BASIC BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY.

Our data indicates that students who enroll in these courses without this basic knowledge do not succeed, losing the time and money they invested.

Historically, students who have a good grounding in basic high school level biology and chemistry, as assessed on the assessment tests, have a much higher success rate (defined as earning final grade of “C” or higher) in subsequent anatomy and physiology courses.

What is covered on the assessment test?

The A&P I Assessment Test is a 50 question multiple choice exam. The A&P I Assessment covers the pertinent state-wide objectives of high school biology and chemistry. The test is completed on the computer at a testing center. Students are allowed one piece of scratch paper.
A&P I Assessment Test Objectives

Who has to take the assessment test?

Passing the A&P I Assessment is required BEFORE any student can enroll in BIOL 2401.

There is no assessment for A&P II. Successful completion of A&P I with a “C” or better is required before any student can enroll in BIOL 2402 – A&P II.

How do I prepare for the assessment?

Review the objectives for the assessment (see the links above.) Need additional help?  Test Preparation

When do I take the assessment?

You take the Assessment Test in the testing period preceeding the semester you wish to register.  For example if you want to take A&P I (BIOL 2401) during the Fall semester, you will need to take the Assessment Test during the Summer testing period before Fall semester begins.
Upon passing, you will have permission to register for three (3) consecutive semesters. If you need to register beyond this you will have to retest for additional permission to register. Attempts are limited to three (3) per semester and cannot be taken within 24 hours of when the student began the previous attempt.

Where do I take the assessment?

At any ACC assessment/testing center. For locations and hours of assessment/testing centers please click here.

*Please note, students do not need to schedule an appointment to take the assessment.

What is the cost and how to pay?

The A&P I Assessment is $10 per attempt beginning March 19th 2018. The fee must be paid before the student will be allowed to take the test, all fees can be paid at any ACC Cashiers office or online. Students can either bring their receipt or their confirmation email to the assessment/testing center to show that the fee has been paid.

Find more information at ACC Assessment/Testing Centers

To pay the fee click the link or follow the instructions below:
1.) Go to

2.) Scroll to the middle of the page and select “ACC Assessment Testing”

3.) Click “Anatomy & Physiology”
4.) Follow the prompts to add this to your cart and for payment options

What if I will not be in Austin or the ACC district and service area during the assessment testing dates?

ACC district and service area map

Students who are out of town during testing dates may be able to arrange an exam by proctor at another location. You must locate a test location in your area (usually a college or university testing center) and then provide the contact name, email address and web site for the school so that the location can be verified. This information can be provided to Linda Dehning by email at [email protected] or by phone at 512-223-3322. Please be sure to include your name, ACCeID, phone number and email so that we may contact you. Please note it may take a few days for us to contact the testing center and coordinate testing materials.

If you need to test overseas and are not able to locate an authorized testing center, contact Linda Dehning by email for suggestions.

Health Science Notes

Special Notes

Attention Health Professions Students!

The Texas Board of Higher Education has removed certain courses from the statewide common course numbering system. To accommodate the changes, ACC will phase out Human Anatomy (BIOL 2304/2101) and Human Physiology (BIOL 2305/2102) and replace them with a two semester sequence of combined Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 2401 and BIOL 2402). Read more.