Transcript Review

This form is to be used only for BIOLOGY students that want their UNOFFICIAL transcript(s) reviewed for permission to register for A&P I (BIOL 2401) only. EVEN if you have previously taken BIOL 2401 here at ACC.

Be sure that your UNOFFICIAL transcript has the following info:

– Your full name

– Name of College/University

– Course Number

– Course Title

– the year of completion

– your final grade

Transcripts are reviewed during testing periods only.  Once we receive these documents, it will be reviewed and determined if a student will be granted permission to register for A&P I (BIOL 2401) based on their previous academic credits.  Please allow 5-10 business days after you’ve submitted this information for a response.  During peak registration times, please allow at least ten (10) business days for a response.  Please note it can take up to an additional FIVE (5) business days for student records to be cleared for registration.  Students may try and register starting 24-48 hours after receiving a response that permission will be granted but do not call the Biology Department regarding permission until at least FIVE (5) business days have passed since you were granted permission.

Click this link —> Transcript Review Request Form