How to register for BIOL 2401

BIOL 2401 is offered in two ways.

You’ll take the A&P assessment test and pass with a 70 or better in order to be granted permission to register for an unpaired section of BIOL 2401. 

  • face-to-face synchronous lecture & lab 16-week sections
  • face-to-face synchronous lecture & lab 8-week sections
  • DLS asynchronous lecture, synchronous lab 16-week section
  • DLS synchronous lecture & lab 16-week sections
  • DLS synchronous lecture & lab 8-week sections

** Please note if an instructor is not listed you will need to be patient and keep checking the online course schedule as we are still filling in those.

Here’s a link to general information about the A&P I Assessment Test:

Here’s a link to testing center info:

— OR —

You’ll need to request permission to register for a paired BIOL 2401 and BIOL 1308. No assessment test is required. You’ll request permission via Google Form. For Fall 2022, the Biology Department is offering 18 paired sections of BIOL 2401 and BIOL 1308. Students will not be allowed to only register for BIOL 2401 if it is a paired section. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Here’s a link to information about the paired:

Paired Anatomy & Physiology and Biology Fundamentals

Click here to request permission for Fall 2022 for paired BIOL 2401/BIOL 1308

Click here to view a list of paired courses for Fall 2022

Please note it may take up to FIVE (5) business days for permission to be granted. Students may attempt to register 24-48 hours after passing the assessment test or requesting permission to register for the paired classes but please DO NOT contact the Biology department if it has not been FIVE (5) business days to inquire about permission.

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