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ACC Brand Guide

Sharing Our Story

Over the past five decades, Austin Community College has become well-regarded as a trusted partner in its students’ success and an exemplar among community colleges. Our reputation for providing quality, accessible education in a supportive environment is the cornerstone of our brand.

We reinforce and safeguard this brand by adhering to thoughtfully defined brand standards. These rules and guidelines help ensure the materials and communications we produce reflect the value of our brand.

View these pages to learn about brand standards and how we apply them to deliver compelling messages that support ACC’s mission.

Brand Identity

ACC’s brand identity impacts what people think about us and guides how we engage with others. Learn about our brand identity and the characteristics that shape it.

Visual Identity

ACC’s logo, color palette, and visual style are distinctly ours and quickly convey our brand. Applying them consistently and purposefully is essential to brand awareness. Read about our visual style.

Voice and Tone

The way we articulate our mission and the values strengthens our brand and helps our students, prospective students, and community engage with us. View tips on sharing your message effectively.

We’re Here to Help

The Office of College Relations & Marketing (OCRM) manages ACC’s brand image and works with college departments to use the various assets described on these pages. Contact OCRM or use the form below to request services.

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