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I hope that your second week of the Spring semester has started well! Fingers crossed that COVID will cooperate and all pivoting will be over.Some in the literature argue that the role of faculty, especially in community colleges, has fundamentally changed over the last two years, contributing to a higher rate of educator burnout. Have you noticed a change in what your students need from you? What do you do differently now to support them? Please give me your thoughts in this week’s poll.Stay safe!~SamanthaSamantha Croft,
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Has your role with your students changed in the last two years? Click here to vote!
Newsworthy Information
Employee Emergency Fund Accepting Applications
The Employee Emergency Fund will be open for grant and loan applications on Tuesday, February 1st. Employees seeking financial assistance from the Employee Emergency Fund must fill out an application, provide a letter detailing their situation, and include supporting documentation. Examples of supporting documents may include but are not limited to medical bills, insurance claims, account statements, estimates/quotes, etc. 
Employees can find more details, including the application form, on the Emergency Fund website
Meeting Summary of Interest
The minutes from the January 14th Faculty Senate meeting can be found here.
Faculty Senate Meeting on Friday, February 11th
 All full-time faculty are encouraged to attend the Faculty Senate meeting on Friday, February 11th, from noon-1:30 pm. The agenda will be included in next week’s Standard. We are having two special guests. We will have an opportunity to meet and ask questions of our new Provost, Dr. Monique Umphrey. Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott will also be joining us to give us an overview of the Chancellor’s Priority work going on across the college.
Submit any questions for Dr.Umphrey or Dr. Scott to our guest question submission form by Thursday, February 10th at 9:00 am.  
Comment on new SG policies and AR revisions
The Shared Governance Review Council invites you to comment on the draft AR 3.05.005 revisions and new Guidelines/Procedures.  Reference which document and the line number of the edit in the email. 
Send comments to Irene Castillo-Alonzo February 1st.
The Faculty Senate Wants To Hear From You!
Email us any topics you would like discussed at a Faculty Senate meeting by clicking on the Contact Us! button at the bottom of this newsletter.
Available Opportunities
Donate to the Employee Emergency Fund
If all ACC employees donated just $1 a month, we would have the funding necessary to develop a continual stream of resources for the Employee Emergency Fund. If you feel able to do so, we would very much appreciate your donations to the grant fund, loan fund, or both.
 One-time donations and or ongoing payroll deductions can both be made through the online Marketplace or by filling out the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and emailing it to
In Case You Missed It
TLED Virtual Open House
Would you like to learn more about applying for innovation grant funding, hear updates on badging and student ePortfolios, take a sneak-peek at our first 4-Year transfer program maps, or a quick tour of our updated online Faculty Handbook? You’re invited to join us for an open house on Wednesday, January 26th from 2:30 – 4:00 pm. Click here to RSVP.

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