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Faculty Senate Standard 3.29

Can anyone else hear the Chariots of Fire theme song playing in their head as we run this week to cross the finish line of the Spring semester? Just one more week and then we get an intercession breather. Don’t forget about graduation…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.28

This week’s encouragement comes directly from our students. Take a few minutes to visit the i am acc website for stories of current students, former students, and community members who have a connection with Austin Community College. As this website says, “…Read More »

Full time Faculty Shared Governance Councils

Hello Faculty Colleagues,I implore all full-time faculty to serve on ACC’s crucial decision-making committees and councils. This essential work ensures full-time faculty voices are heard at the many policy-setting meetings held throughout the academic year. Please visit ACC Shared Governance for details…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.27

We had Dory’s encouragement. We had heartfelt encouragement. This week we have a laugh. Three professors are arguing over who is the best at teaching. The first professor boasts, “I teach so well, my students never ask any questions. This proves they…Read More »

Full Time Faculty Senate 2022-2023

At-Large seatsJackie BurnsLei JiHeather SyrettEdgar GranilloAlberta EbeheakeyFred Lover  Dean Division   Liberal Arts: Social and Behavioral Sciences – Dan DydekStudent Affairs: Jorge LynchDesign, Manufacturing, Construction, & Applied Technologies: Alberto QuinonezBusiness: Craig Sowell Health Sciences: Lindsay Carlson Arts, Digital Media, and Communications: Blythe Cates Liberal Arts: Humanities: David Dettmer Science, Engineering &…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.26

Senate Standard I blinked and it is the middle of April. How did that happen?  It is the time of the semester when most of us are deep in the grading weeds, so today, I offer a little encouragement from a quote…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.25

In the immortal words of Dory, the fish, “Just keep swimming,” everyone. This mantra is from the Disney/Pixar movie Finding Nemo, where a scared and overwhelmed Dory used it to give herself the strength not to give up. If that to-do list…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.24

The Standard Poll of the Week  What is the hardest job at ACC? Click here to vote! Newsworthy Information Comments on Proposed Adjunct Staffing Committee,  Adjunct Faculty Workloads, and Review of Adjunct Faculty Administrative Rules  AR and G/Ps are due March 31st.The Academic…Read More »

Faculty Senate Nominations end March 25th

The first round of 2022-2023 Full-Time Faculty Senate nominations is drawing to a close.  There are still several campuses and Dean’s Areas without a nomination as well as one at large spot. These spots could be filled by you! The list of…Read More »

Faculty Senate Standard 3.23

Opportunities abound for you this week! I am bringing you SIX different ways for you to expand your knowledge, share your experiences, and make your mark at ACC. Take a moment to read through the list and find your spot. If you…Read More »