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Senate Standard 3.6 –  October 7, 2021
A recurring theme I heard from the faculty this week was feelings. Perhaps it is the slightly cooler mornings reminding us that the harsh summer is over. Perhaps it is the continually declining COVID numbers in our community. Perhaps it is that the turmoil of transitioning back to face-to-face classes in mid-September has finally settled down. Whatever the cause, I am heartened to hear that some faculty have been able to take a breath and do a self-check. The poll this week reflects this introspective idea. How are you feeling?As always, until next time, stay safe!~Samantha
Samantha Croft,
The Standard Poll of the Week 
How do you feel about the remainder of the Fall semester? 
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Newsworthy Information
Faculty Senate Meeting on Friday, October 8th at noon
All full-time faculty are encouraged to attend the Faculty Senate meeting on Friday, October 8th, from noon-1:30 pm. The link to join is on the agenda.Results from the Full-time Faculty Spring 2022 Planning Survey will be shared. Do you have a question for our new Dean of Faculty Development and Evaluation? Dr. Eric Nathan will be joining us to answer questions at the meeting. Consult the agenda document for question submission.
See the October FS Meeting Agenda
Student Mask Accommodations
As ACC employees, we are compelled to enforce mask-wearing mandated by the Board of Trustees. If a student says they want a medical exemption, they should be sent to the Accommodation for Medical Necessity website to procure the necessary approvals and accommodations. The onus of making this decision is not on the faculty. Please note that, to date, no students have fully completed the medical necessity process. Thus, all students should be wearing a mask.
Learn more:
60/40 Rule Suspension Spring 2022
The requirement of instructional faculty to teach 40% of their required load face-to-face is suspended for the Spring 2022 semester. Contact your Department Chair to discuss any schedule concerns.
The Faculty Senate wants to hear from you!Email us any topics you would like discussed at a Faculty Senate meeting by clicking on the Contact Us! button at the bottom of this newsletter.
Available Opportunities
Share your ACC Pride Points
In a few words, what is a pride point about ACC that you’d like to share with our community?
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In Case You Missed It
College & Community Resource Series webinars are returning
The next monthly College & Community Resource Series is this Friday, October 15th, at 10 am. This month, we will be featuring ACC and Austin-area resources related to Sexual Health. Join us as we explore resources offered by: Kind Clinic, ACC’s Student Life, and BAE-B-SAFE
For more information: College & Community Resource Series (CCRS)
Library Services Resources for Classroom Faculty
Library Services sent out a letter containing important information for classroom faculty.
Read the letter here.

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