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Thank you to everyone who took the time to suggest ways the Senate can support you this Fall. I am impressed by the thoughtful ideas you brought forward and encouraged that you chose to do so. There is such an incredible amount of intellectual capital within the ACC full-time faculty body!This year, one of my personal goals as President is to empower and inspire all full-time faculty to be actively involved in discussions at the college, not just passive recipients of information. To that end, you may notice the new Anonymous Suggestion Box at the bottom of this edition of the Standard. This feature is to engage those of you who want to anonymously share your thoughts. Communication opportunities in the Senate Standard will continue; however, I would also like to provide avenues for discussion instead of only unilateral suggestions. One proposal is a Full-time Faculty virtual town hall where faculty can informally raise issues, ask questions, and discuss ideas with members of the Faculty Senate Leadership. My intention is that this would be an event of faculty communicating with faculty. This week’s poll question asks for feedback on a virtual town hall and any ideas that you may have to inspire our faculty to share their voices.  As always, until next time, stay safe!~SamanthaSamantha Croft,
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Newsworthy Information
Comments for changes to the Employment of Personnel AR are due October 28th.The Administrative Services Council (ASC) has reviewed and approved proposed changes to Administrative Rule 6.06.002. The changes include:- A statement has been added to affirm that employees must maintain Texas residency as a requirement of employment.- Additional edits update and add clarity to the AR.The link for viewing and comments:
Autism in the ClassroomSAS Director Lauren Seibel recommends faculty read a new article authored by a faculty member with autism called  “10 Things Faculty Need to Understand About Autism”.For more information on creating a classroom accommodating for all students, watch SAS Accessibility Panel – It Takes a Village or visit the TLED Accessibility webpage. 
The updated Faculty Handbook is liveThe Faculty Handbook is now completely updated and live in its new online format. The content was updated to reflect current ACC policies so that all procedures related to faculty are in one place. We are always open to feedback and will update the online version each year.More information can be found here
Meeting Summaries of InterestThe minutes from the October 8th Faculty Senate meeting can be found here.A recap of the October 4th Board of Trustees meeting can be found here.
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QEP 2022 topic winner is announcedThe Riverbat community has selected the winning topic for Austin Community College District (ACC)’s next Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), and the winning topic is Digital Fluency for Today’s Jobs.Click here for more information. 
Strategies for Today’s JobsCareer Services offers a free, 4-week online course to teach the most up-to-date job search strategies. This course can help you:be ready for an opportunity to progress in your career at ACC;convey accurate information to students and staff seeking guidance;develop ways to track current projects and write/speak about them to prepare for future positions and negotiate promotions;utilize networking to build your professional network for future support;get one-on-one individualized job search support to help you with your long-term career goals. We have two virtual cohorts starting in November and would love to have you join us.
Please visit our website for more information and instructions to register. 

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