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Senate Standard
Welcome to this new academic year! As we approach the end of this first week of classes, I hope that all has gone smoothly for you and that you feel confident that all of your preparation has laid a great foundation for your work with students this term.

By way of a brief introduction, I am a professor in the General Studies and Student Development department, have served as the chair of that department since 2018, and most recently helped launch ACC’s Department Chair Academy. This year I am honored to serve as your Faculty Senate President. My name may be new in your inbox, but I aim to continue to bring you relevant, informative, and inviting information each week in this Senate Standard. 

And I hope to see your names in my inbox as well. I invite you to reach out and share with me the amazing things you and your colleagues are doing as well as the concerns you have and your ideas for topics the Senate should be engaging on. ACC is stronger when we all use our voices and I hope to amplify yours through our Senate work this year. 

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Newsworthy Information
Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda Items
Email any topics you would like discussed at the September 9th Faculty Senate meeting by clicking on the Contact Us! Button. 
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Available Opportunities
Join the QEP Implementation Team – August 28, 2022 Application Deadline

ACC has selected the topic of Digital Fluency as our QEP. This project will enable ACC students to earn microcredentials to help improve their utilization of many digital platforms. The goal is to help ACC students grow their digital skills to improve their employability and their success as students at ACC and beyond. The microcredentials will be available to ACC students online for free and will cover a wide range of platforms and digital skills including word processing, presentation software, web development, and others.  

The team that will lead this important five year project will be led by Dean Linda Smarzik. The QEP Implementation Committee will start meeting in late September of 2022, and will serve as a steering committee for all the QEP efforts. In addition, members of the Implementation Committee will take part in the SACSCOC On-Site Visit October 24-27, 2002. It is important to have representation from each employee association as part of this group of leaders.  

If you want to bring the full time faculty perspective to the QEP, please visit the QEP Implementation Committee Webpage to learn more and apply. A direct link to the application form can also be found HERE.

The deadline to apply is August 28, 2022.
Expanding Faculty Access to Student Supports Workgroup – August 29, 2022 Application Deadline

Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott and Dr. Ruth Reinhart are leading an effort to expand faculty access to the broad range of student supports that ACC offers, while also making that access more streamlined for faculty. We are looking for full time faculty members interested in being part of this small workgroup. Please email Nancy Stano if you are interested in serving on this workgroup. 
Calling Department Chairs! Chair or serve on the Adjunct Faculty Staffing Committee 

This shared governance committee (previously known as the eStaffing committee) is in need of faculty leadership. More information about the committee’s purpose is available here. We are still in need of a department chair to chair this committee and department chair (or assistant chairs) from both a large department and a small department to serve. If you would like more information or are interested in being nominated to serve in any of these roles, please contact Nancy Stano.
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