By | September 6, 2022
Senate Standard
As hinted at in the last Standard, I am back in your inbox just a little earlier this week. There isn’t much new since last Friday, but coming to you a little earlier does give me the chance to invite you to join us this Friday, September 9, at our Faculty Senate meeting.

Here is some important information to know about Senate meetings:
*All full time faculty are invited to attend the Senate meetings. The full list of Senate meetings dates is available on our website (here). 
*Agendas for each Senate meeting are distributed to all full time faculty members at least 72 hours before the scheduled start of the meeting.
*We do this through the Standard (see below) and by posting them on the Senate website. 
*There are a variety of ways items can be added to the agenda.
*Our Bylaws (Article VII, Section IV on Meetings) explains these options.
*We use parliamentary procedure during the meetings to keep us organized in accomplishing our goals in an effective, fair, and efficient manner. (Please don’t let an unfamiliarity with parliamentary procedure deter you from attending. We include a “primer” link at the bottom of each agenda to give you some background on common procedures and we have a wonderful parliamentarian who guides us in the meetings.)
*Minutes for the meetings are available within two weeks after the meeting. You can always find the minutes linked from this page on the Senate website. 

On a related note, you can find agendas and minutes from the meetings your Senate leadership team has with the Chancellor, the Provost, and other employee associations on our website as well. Information from these meetings is shared out during our Senate meetings as well. 
I hope you will be able to join us at a Senate meeting this academic year! But, if it won’t work out for you to attend the meetings, I hope that you have the chance to read through the agendas and meeting minutes and share your thoughts with your representatives and the leadership team.  
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Upcoming Meeting of Note
September 9 – Faculty Senate Meeting – 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm 

Full time faculty members, please join us at our virtual meeting using this Zoom link

The agenda for the meeting is available here.

Contact us using the button below if you would like to share your thoughts on these topics. 
In Case You Missed It
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