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Senate Standard
As I left the San Gabriel campus yesterday, a banner on one of the light poles leading to the parking lot caught my eye. The banner featured a smiling face on one side of the pole and the phrase “We Dream Bigger” opposite that image. At first I thought of how that phrase could be conveying what brings students to ACC in the first place. Almost as quickly, though, I thought about how the phrase also seems to be a good summary of the many conversations faculty have about teaching and learning here at ACC. In some of these conversations our dreams start off with “I’m excited to figure out how to….” In other conversations, dreams begin with “wouldn’t it be great if,” “it would be amazing if we could,” or even “we absolutely must address …”  

What are the dreams you have for ACC? What are the big (and small) things you think ACC should be focusing on in the next five years? Share your ideas the Standard Poll and, if you are attending General Assembly in person, consider sharing these ideas in the afternoon planning session as well. 

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The Standard Poll of the Week
What are the most important things for ACC to focus on over the next five years? vote here
Noteworthy Information
Campus Computer Labs Reopened 
The drop in computer labs at Round Rock, Cypress Creek, Northridge, Eastview, Riverside, South Austin, and Hays campuses have reopened. No reservations are required for students to use the PC computer stations in these labs. The hours of availability for these computer labs is available on the Student Technology Services webpage.  

Faculty Evaluation Proposed Revisions
The Faculty Development and Evaluation committee continues its work revising ACC’s Faculty Evaluation process. As we had the opportunity to do last year, the group is again reaching out to ask faculty to share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.  Please visit the Faculty Evaluation Proposed Revisions Website to read about all of the proposed revisions along with tweaks and changes made since the spring from feedback received from faculty during Spring 2022. Please take the time to submit your feedback by October 31. You can also follow up directly with Marcus McGuff or Gale Spear.  
Upcoming Meetings of Note
September 16 – General Assembly
Check out the General Assembly website for a full rundown of events for this Friday’s event, including details about the afternoon programming options. For those attending in person, the afternoon is an opportunity to learn and participate in discussions around our strategic planning process. For those attending virtually, a variety of development opportunities will be offered in the afternoon via Zoom. These virtual sessions are listed below and will be recorded for those who cannot attend synchronously. 

*Inclusion and Beyond: ACCess for All
*ACC’s QEP, Quality Enhancement Plan – Digital Fluency and Innovation
*The 3Cs in Action
*Just Be 1.0 – Wellness and Mental Health at Work
*Just Be 2.0 – Wellness and Mental Health Support for Students
*Introduction to the Decentralized World
*A Window to ACC Student Success 
Opportunity for Engagement
Texas Pathways Institute (November 14 – 16 in Dallas, Texas)
The next Pathways Institute will take place this fall and we are looking for dual credit, workforce, and academic transfer faculty to attend. The focus of this institute is on teaching and learning – particularly on supporting improved outcomes for our Black, Latinx, and low-income students. These Institutes provide an opportunity to analyze our own data, take stock of what is working and what our areas of opportunity are in relation to the institute theme, learn about what has been effective at other colleges in Texas and across the United States, and to create an action plan. If you have an interest in strategy and college planning, this is a great opportunity. You do not have to have previously attended a Pathways conference in order to be considered for attending. To learn more, reach out to Nancy Stano by Friday, September 23. 

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