By | December 9, 2022
Senate Standard
Happy End of the Semester! 

I hope that this final week of classes and grading is going well. If you have a moment to step back from the bustle of the day, I invite you to join us today for our final Faculty Senate meeting of 2022! We start at 12:00 – our agenda is here and the Zoom link for our virtual meeting is here. May your break provide time for all that brings you joy and rest. I’m looking forward to seeing ya’ll in 2023!
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Campus Safety Measure – Exterior Door Access
Starting January 3, 2023, ACC campus and center buildings will operate with identified main entrances.These are areas where all students and visitors on campus can enter a building during normal business hours. All other building doors will operate under access-control technology. That means these doors will automatically lock from the outside and require an approved ACC-issued employee ID card to gain entry — even during regular operating hours.

Be sure your ACC-issued employee ID card is active! If it has been a while since you received your ID, check on the back to make sure there is an electronic strip and set of numbers under it. If yours doesn’t have the electronic strip, you will need to get a new card. Please visit this link to obtain an ACC Employee ID card.
Starting the New Year Off … 
Faculty Senate 
We meet for the final time in 2022 today (see links above). 
Our first Full Time Faculty Senate meeting in 2023 will be on January 13th  from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. 

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