By | January 12, 2023
Senate Standard
Welcome to the new year and a new semester!

I always find this time of year refreshing, even in the midst of a little exhaustion as we prepare for the launch of the new term. (And as we return to find the things that worked in 2022 but aren’t working in 2023 — like embedding images in Senate Standard emails!) I hope that you each had a restful winter break and embark on this new term with optimism and hopefulness.

Quick reminder that tomorrow is Spring Development day. Check out the in person (at HLC) and online options here.

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Faculty Senate Meeting – January 13, 2023
Our first meeting of the new year is tomorrow starting at 12:00 pm.  

Zoom link and Agenda

Our agenda is light this month, but we hope to see you there to say hello and learn more about some upcoming changes to some of our library database access.  
Administrative Rule Open Comment Period
The comment period to share thoughts about the proposed revisions to AR/GP 04.1201.02 – Faculty Evaluation is now open. The Faculty Development and Evaluation shared governance committee has presented these revision ideas at previous Senate meetings and now is the opportunity to share your feedback with the Academic and Student Affairs Council. 

You can review the proposed AR revisions here and submit your feedback comments on that site as well. 

An overview of the proposed revisions to the faculty evaluation process is available here as well as a cross reference index that you may find helpful in navigating the revisions. 

The deadline for comment is January 20, 2023. 
Campus Safety Measure – Exterior Door Access
The new campus safety procedures are now in place. Since January 3, 2023, ACC campus and center buildings have operated with identified main entrances. These are areas where all students and visitors on campus can enter a building during normal business hours. All other building doors will operate under access-control technology and faculty and staff will be able to access the buildings via these doors using their ACC-issued employee ID card.

If you haven’t done so already, please: 

*Make sure your ACC-issued employee ID card is active! If it has been a while since you received your ID, check on the back to make sure there is an electronic strip and set of numbers under it. If yours doesn’t have the electronic strip, you will need to get a new card. Please visit this link to obtain an ACC Employee ID card.

*Learn the designated entrances. If your ACC ID card is not allowing access, please reach out to your department chair or Campus Manager so it can be updated. 

*Be aware of the process for Students & Visitors: All students, visitors, and any employee without their ID card must visit the Campus Manager’s office upon arrival. They will sign in and obtain a temporary badge for the day. If you notice someone without a visible ID or something just doesn’t seem right, such as someone propping open a door to the outside, please contact the Campus Manager’s office or ACC Police Dispatch at 512-223-1231.
Nominate a Shining Star
The Provost’s 3C’s Shining Star Award nomination form remains open for each of us to nominate a colleague and recognize the ways in which they are a 3Cs role model. Use this nomination form and join in on February 4 at 2:00 pm for the next ceremony. You can attend virtually or in person at the Elgin campus. This form is available at all times and there are recognition ceremonies every month, so nominate and nominate often!

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