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Senate Standard May 6, 2024

Senate Standard 5.21
In the Standard this week:
Administrative Services Council (ASC): Out for Comments
– 4.0503.02     Accrued Leave
– 4.0503.02.1  Accrued Leave Guideline/Procedure
Senate Elections: Casting your Vote
ACC Leadership Academy Application Committee: Faculty Needed
Senate Meeting May 10

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ASC (Administrative Services Council): Out for Comments
The Administrative Services Council (ASC) has reviewed and approved proposed changes to the following Administrative Rule (AR) and Guideline/Procedure (G/P) and posted the drafts for comments from ACC employees:

4.0503.02     Accrued Leave
4.0503.02.1  Accrued Leave Guideline/Procedure
The proposed changes add clarity, particularly in regard to the category of sick leave, including employees’ use of accrued sick leave for personal leave.

Alternate versions of these proposals were posted for employee comments in September, 2023. Those versions proposed the merging of sick leave and personal leave into a single category. On further consideration, the Council voted to reject those proposals in favor of the ones presented here.

The drafts are available for viewing and adding comments here:

Please read the instructions before adding comments.

The deadline for comments is May 24, 2024.

On behalf of the ASC, thank you and regards,
Senate Elections: Casting your Vote
The Faculty Senate Election is upon us. Faculty will get an email tomorrow with ballot information. Voting will close Friday, May 17.  Your vote will determine the Senators and President-Elect for the academic year 2024-2025.  The ballot link you receive in your email is a unique link personalized for you with your campus and area of study. Please do not share the link with others. You can complete the voting in less than a minute.

I am including here the statement from the candidate for President-Elect, Alberto Quiñonez (you will also be able to access it in the ballot):

“I am honored to be considered for president-elect of the FT faculty senate. I have taught at ACC since spring of 1999. I have enjoyed my tenure as an assistant, associate, professor, and now department chair. I have participated in many community events. I have served on numerous hiring committees and task forces. I currently serve on the “Department Chair and Functions Task Force”. I continue to serve on the “Academic and Student Affairs Council” (ASAC). I have served as a faculty senator on several occasions representing both my campus RVS and my dean area. I enjoy working with colleagues across the institution. I love the collegiality, passion and creativity that exists.

Over the years I have seen many presidents and chancellors come and go; new initiatives come and go; and changes brought on by many internal and external forces, e.g. pandemic, online-teaching, new technology, AI, etc. Yet, I believe the one constant that remains is the excellence and commitment of the faculty to serve its students. I have always believed that the FT faculty are the owners of the curriculum and the agents of the pedagogical strategies they employ. A strong and active faculty senate is essential so that shared governance and academic freedom are truly part of our culture and not merely treated as verbal fodder. As president-elect, I will learn how to guide the work of the FT senate from the senate president. Moreover, I would prepare myself to be the next FT senate president where I would do my best to represent and serve this body.”

I encourage everyone to participate.
ACC Leadership Academy Application Committee: Faculty Needed
The ACC Leadership Academy application committee is looking for a faculty member to help review and score applications to determine the next cohort to join the program. 

You can find more information on the academy here.

For more information on the committee charges and duties, please contact Mathew Castilleja at [email protected] 

Please fill  out this form if you are interested. Deadline is Friday, May 17.
Senate Meeting Friday, May 10
We are holding a Faculty Senate meeting this Friday. You can find the tentative agenda here. For all faculty attending the meeting (online or in person), please everyone do not forget to RSVP  by this Wednesday at 8pm.  For Senators who will miss the meeting, please have a proxy for the meeting.

I have invited Dr. Jenna Cullinare-Hege, the Vice Chancellor, Institutional Research and Analytics,  to the Senate meeting to give us a data dive into the NRG 8-week initiative.  For a more productive discussion, I am including the update report for you to peruse before the meeting.

Also, Garry Gaber, the department chair for Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics, will visit us as part of the Senate outreach and give us an overview of his department and programs.

See you Friday.