Did you know that Mindfulness has not only been proven to help people manage stress, but can also help to improve productivity, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, decrease anxiety and depression, and improve immune function.  Why not give it a try?


Click HERE for some resources on Mindfulness including links to guided meditation and breathing activities.  There are also several apps you can download with free daily practices.

Want to know more about the science and practical application of mindfulness. Check out the webinar recording below:

Intro to Mindfulness:  This workshop provides an overview of why and how mindfulness can help you effectively manage stress and explores strategies to help you apply this skill every day!  View Recording HERE


“I will find time during the day to stop and go into silence. This will help me to be a more centered, calm and patient teacher.”

Meditation Time
Heartfulness Institute offered weekly meditation session to ACC employees.  Please use the recorded sessions to begin your first introduction to meditation or to expand your current practice.
Set time aside to participate in our introduction to meditation series.
Week 1 Introduction to Heartfulness and Well-being
Week 2 
Introduction to Heartfulness Meditation
Week 3 
Introduction to Heartfulness Observation
Week 4 Introduction to Heartfulness Rejuvenation
Week 5 Introduction to Consciousness
Week 6 Introduction to Science of Stillness
Week 7 Combining the Elements of Heartfulness
Session slides

Meditationfrom Soulsparks
Paige Davis led our Mindfulness+Meditation workshops for ACC employees. For daily inspiration, tips and tools, visit 
Paige’s blog

The benefits of daily stress management/relaxation practices are now becoming more prevalent and well documented. Scientific studies are increasingly proving the measurable and positive effects that meditation and mindfulness can have on health, productivity, and attitude.Soul Sparks programs provide tangible stress reduction tools and techniques that can increase overall health and well being. Below are just a few of the proven benefits:
Improves energy and vitality
Enhances memory, mental clarity, attention and focus
Reduces stress
Assists in relaxation
Increases productivity
Improves sleeping patterns
Improves digestion
Alleviates depression

Paige Davis led our Mindfulness+Meditation workshops for ACC employees. For daily inspiration, tips and tools, visit Paige’s blog.